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Don't forget about the Chinese investors

Does any one have the image completing the seized land and South Africa's natural resources like gold, copper and coal.

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Not just resources, China is trying to do the same with Africa as we did to China and make them a cheap labor source.

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Chinese were reclassified as Black for legal purposes in SA.

South Africa has the largest population of Chinese in Africa,[3] and most of them live in Johannesburg, the "economic hub for all of southern Africa".[5]

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The jews hate all that is beautiful. Just look at what happens to art under a communist regime. This is also why they hate white people. Whites are beautiful and virtuous. The jews are ugly and iniquitous. They hate what they are not.

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Who is the fat ugly whore who downvoted you

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White persecution has been happening in SA since 1994 you literally retarded shit stain.

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Obvious troll is obviously a cunt.

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boring. I wish Putin was a white nationalist. He has too many Jewish buddies.

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Back at your old bullshit again, eh John?