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Now there is an example of a black man who is NOT a nigger.

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Uncle Bob

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Agreed. I elect him to be king of the negros after they get back to africa since they are so proud.... oh wait. They are going to stay and continue to leech

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I don't need a nigger defending what I do or don't do.

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Here comes the downgoats. I keep telling you folks there are decent blacks. I am sure some of you hardcore ones will still come up with a reason to hate him.

I was at a bar with an older black dude that kept saying in our quiet conversation to each other, "These fucking niggers." He packed heat. He was a good guy. But he kept saying, "Nigger this, nigger that," so much, I ... ME ... had to ask him to calm down, LOL.

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Unification is what Jews fear.

Give me soldiers of all creeds and I will show you what it means to be American. We will re draw the maps and Israel will not be included.

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So, I'm still learning, and I lurk much more than post here, particularly because, like anywhere, it can still be an echo chamber and my views are unconventional.

Question. If unification is what Jews fear (I don't believe they fear this, they are the "oldest race" and would stand to gain the most benefit from such a situation - only animal nature, which is part of human nature, is against this ultimate vision), and Israel is allied with USA, what the fuck IS the USA if not an actual attempt (first attempt, maybe) at a genetic melting pot to achieve exactly what you describe (in the vision of George Washington). It might take us a few tries, I guess, but we may only have had one, which is frustrating.

In the grand scheme of time, we all eventually play the roles of good and evil.

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I think it was Chris Rock who said 'I love black people, but I fucking hate niggers'.

I work with a black guy who is HUGE - absolute monster of a man, could tear you apart no problem - and he is the nicest guy you could ever meet, speaks with a Midlands accent (we are in the UK), no trace of the 'black' accent that so many whites seem to want to affect, he is really bright, hard-working, social, just a really great guy.

We work in law-enforcement and he gets loads of stick from niggers but never rises to it, he just gets on with his job.

I work on the basis that 'nigger' is a state of mind, there are plenty of white, brown and black that fit into that category, there are just more blacks that act that way so one that doesn't is always a nice surprise.

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Bantus can be extremely good at pretension and fitting in on the surface. And remember, he does get paid for his work.

Pretension and infiltration is typically existent among all peoples to various degrees. I still remember this Muslim woman who was speaking with a European woman (in a corner of a public library) in a manner and accent that fit incredibly well and was pleasant and caring. She was talking about how sad and unjust it was for various Muslims to be falsely suspected and watched after they had shared various material and "merely pretending to plan terror", and afterwards when the other woman left she continued on the phone in what I believe to be Arabic, in an extremely different and angry manner fitting well with Arabic.

EDIT: And then there is the issue of package deals. But I am not against agreements, though they have to be fair and sustainable in depth - and Bantus have an extremely bad starting point given their general extreme evil and wretchedness (though not organized nor anywhere near the level of Jews). See for instance https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRuSS0iiFyo . And it also has to be sustainable for them, which makes things much more challenging. There definitely are some among them who genuinely care and are willing to change and sacrifice their kind of way, but they are much fewer in number than many would have you believe, and they have extreme challenges ahead of them.

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It is the statistics or observation. If 0.02% of white folks will hurt you, and 0.5% negros will hurt you, guess what? Both are very low numbers. That is the liberal argument. The non-liberal notices either statistically or through anecdotal reality that there is a 22:1 ration difference there.

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I think anyone who has read anything of Thomas Sowell knows perfectly well that there is a difference between a black man and a nigger. Too bad most are niggers.

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And Walter Williams. Kick ass black economist. I almost had a chance to meet him at some regalia. Was too hungover. Sigh.

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While voat sure has some retarded larpers who reeee about everything, unlike for the left its not about hating a group of people or a race for being said group/race , quit the opposit its about making sure they get to exist by not mixing everything with everything.

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I have been here forever. It's just flat out hatred for some of the originals. There is an influx of folks like you. No insult, but I think I love the haters more. But all good :)

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Note to the girl: your hurried attention whoring sign sucks and no one can see what it says. She failed miserably just like her life.

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You will see this every once and a while. It proves the Confederacy was not as bad as people claim. It also makes the far-left feminist whites look way out there and deluded.

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The Yankee media claimed blacks would mass revolt while the white men of fighting age were off at war. It never happened though. Blacks and whites had a regimented society in the South but more often than not, it was not inhumane given the time period.

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Well, they tried to encourage one during Reconstruction, but when the Southern economy went through rapid growth and development in the 20s/30s, that kind of thinking towards the South ended and then the KKK started focusing on the immigrant and Catholic problem that was bearing down on the Northeast and threatened to spread Southwards.

The plantation system produced docility and a general content natured black and yes there were problems like some not wanting blacks to educate themselves, but part of this was fueled by the fact that they knew that even allowing them to read the Bible could serve as the basis for an insurrection and then they would want to be freed. Southern slavery was far better than any form of slavery known to man, in my opinion, except besides the Roman system of slavery. Slavery in Latin America was quite brutal. They say that our Latin American law blacks were considered persons, but this did not give them immunity from abuse. The American system of considering blacks as chattel slaves ensured their safety and that they would not be mistreated because under law they were very valuable property that must be protected.

Proof that it was not racial in origins is the fact that during the slave trade era when some people running the slave trade decided to dump dying and sick blacks overboard the British court claimed they would not be insured for their losses because the blacks were considered people. The blacks would never have revolted during the Civil War, which is what people like Abraham Lincoln and Sherman wanted. Lincoln was responsible for implementing Martial Law in Maryland when some of its notable citizens started protesting against the Union and Sherman plundered and raped the Southern country side and major Southern metropolises. It was only after the Civil during Reconstruction that Carpetbaggers and leftist whites empowered blacks to revolt against the system and even then it was about producing docility and servility to the Northern ideal. The Uncle Refus character of Disney is basically a product of what blacks acted like and felt like while on the plantation society. The plantation society never went away in the South until they got their economy going in the 20s/30s and even then you would still have black sharecroppers. The Northerners treated the blacks much worse than the South ever did.

They left them with a system where they could not find work and were forced back into working for their former masters as a result of the Black Codes, which was part and parcel a reaction to Northern attempts to politically empower blacks. The South even went so far to empower certain blacks in the future, like Booker T. Washington, who believed education was the way for blacks to succeed and not political rights and desegregation.

Personally, no blacks mention him these days because he is essentially the version of an Uncle Tom. Instead, most praise people like Harriet Tubman, W.E.D Dubois, and Martin Luther King Jr. The plantation system operated in such a way where it ensured blacks would live the life that was equivalent to poor whites. They always say marriage was discouraged, but plantation owners encouraged it because they needed more slaves.

I'd say the treatment of slaves was no different than white fathers of their children and white sons in parts of the rural and poorer parts of the North and of course of all the children who worked on the farm(without of course the breaking in system). The really scary thinking is that people will say well look at how ending slavery produced people like George Washington Carver(copied a lot of his experiments from elsewhere and did not produce anything as stupendous as people claim) and that recent movie about those black women who were mathematicians who worked with NASA's program(deliberate attempt to discredit Werner Von Braun who headed up the whole program, because he was a former Nazi). They don't mention how there was an African-American who had an important role to play on the Manhattan Project and a very white looking African-American who is considered a genius(I forget what he does exactly).

The main problem with this is they are tending to the needs of the African-American population. I'd say about 80% of the African-American population are somewhere along the spectrum of delinquency. People should look up the Requiremento and Encomienda system if they want to see a brutal system of slavery. Blacks were never forced to fully convert to Christianity, although it was preferable, and they were not told to dangerous work to the point where their lives were threatened.

Oh yeah, when they say the bad thing about slavery was the separation of families, its sort of hard to justify keeping everyone together when these people were sold by other family members(how do they know they will be loyal to each other and support each other and not sabotage each other or use each other to sabotage the system itself).

This was the case because blacks were supposed to be considered part of the plantation family. Isn't that nice. In my opinion it is. Of course, in certain parts of the South plantation owners themselves would hold services for blacks who were slaves and then have a social with all kinds of treats for them. The positive effects of slavery were overwhelming a truth to be held, and yes there were abuses, but notorious cases can be seen with Jewish plantation owners, such as Mordecai Cohen:


Oh yeah, another proof that the South was better than the North is that today blacks are less Ghettoized in the South, while basically the North lining that area from the Rust Belt to Philadelphia/NJ is full of black Ghettoes(I would say NYC too because the South Bronx is full of Puerto Ricans and other Latin Americans, who seem very black). So much for the North finding jobs for them and tending to their needs.

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Side note, does not the (((white))) guy look a bit suspect? Any case, supports my argument that there are good Jews.

And his voice is a giveaway as well.

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I agree that he looks of Jewish heritage. The problem with trusting,a Jew,is eventually you'll feel the sharp pain in your back as he drives the knife in.

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I've had nothing but good experiences with the lower-class and semi-middle-class Jews. Maybe it takes them to get to upper-class Kikes, but the same probably could be said for the whites just obeying (((something))) to order the death of Whites. I call them the Globalists.

And there seems to be a ridiculously disproportionate amount of Jews in the Globalist category. No argument there.

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Glad to see someone with an understanding of history. I wonder what he thinks of beaners coming over in hordes and breeding off of welfare and untaxed income.

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You are the hero we need.

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OMG the blind cunt with the sign

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