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This omits the best part. In the text it concludes with air traffic control saying, “your instruments are probably more accurate than ours. “

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That was good. Thank you.

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Ditto That was very entertaining

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Double ditto! Very funny.

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Read the book "the right stuff" im serious. It's not long. Do it.

Freakanomics is another quick read...It's liberal..but its got some good stuff.

And then if your gunna read fiction. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. And join us big boys =)

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With which Ajah are you aligned?

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Too bad they can't "go back" to the Moon in my entire lifetime, and still haven't said when they will be able to do it!

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RIP Tom Wolfe May 14, 2018 - He made Chuck Yeager a hero.

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The movie version of The Right Stuff is pretty long, like over 3hrs IIRC. Good film though, great acting.

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read this a thousand times on Reddit. there is even a bot to copy paste the story everytime the Blackbird is mentioned to advertise the book this story is in.

It's better to hear the guy tell it though.

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Somebody should have pranked them right after that Blackbird call with this:

"LA Center, this is NCC 1701, have you got a ground speed readout for us?"

"NCC 1701, we show you at 25,000 knots across the ground."

"Roger Center. Mr Sulu, increase to one quarter impulse power."

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I have heard that many times and I will always stop and listen. So cool lol. Always loved jets

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What's really awesomely disturbing is, 2k is their cruising speed. Their top speed is still classified, but some say it's over Mach 3.

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The engines don't have a max RPM. And they become more fuel efficient the faster is goes. Melting is its maximum speed.

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theres a good reason it leaked like a seive when it was on the ground!

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First, I meant to say Mach 5, second, in any machine, there is a sustainable maximum threshold. Going beyond that would indeed eventually shorten the lifespan of either the structure or engines.

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The best part? Designed by smart guys with slide rules, and they could still fly today.

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2,000mph is already over Mach 3.

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They measure airspeed in knots, 2000 knots is actually over 2300 mph.

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Sorry, meant Mach 5.

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reminds me of a good joke though P3 pilot and an F14 were flying side by side the F14 Pilot said 'watch this' over the radio He did dips, dives and flew inverted over the P3 The P3 pilot said 'impressive, but watch this!' The P3 flew steady and straight, a few minutes pass by and the F14 pilot called over 'What did you do?' asked the F14 pilot 'I made a sandwich and used the bathroom' said the P3 pilot

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The other version I heard was an F-15 and a B-52, and the B-52 replies with "I shut down two engines, kid."

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found the manlet

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because actual men have dicks to wave around.

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Its in nature for males to compete.

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Man ive heard this story that many times over the years i literally know it word for word. Its awesome.

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