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of course the only female officer is the one to draw and fire point blank into a victims belly. pointing up into his ribs. this shredded his lungs and died a very painful lengthy death.

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The full video with the shooting is here WARNING: DEATH. NSFL.

This video is relevant because a judge has recently ruled the officer who was not punished, does not have immunity.

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does not have immunity.

That is really a big deal. You have to really go out of your way to lose immunity on the job as a police officer. Basically means the judge sees this as a straight up murder.

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Jesus Christ that was pretty cold and premeditated.

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Why these cops still alive?

Unfathomable that the guy's family did not take of this.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=H1oEbPsDeyo :

Dash cam shows altercation that led to fatal police shooting in Dothan, Alabama - YouTube

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I can't see where the shooting happens?

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The female cops pulls a gun and shoots him in the gut, into the car.

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Black lives matter.