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This is what causes kids to shoot up their school.

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This and the administrations blind eye they will likely turn to this incident. I imagine the response will be "She's been disciplined appropriately." Probably just some scolding.

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I'll' take "How Republicans are created" for $200 Alex.

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Vile violent creatures. That's the jungle coming out.

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Monkeys do that shit. Monkeys.

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That was no monkey, it was a huge ass baboon! No wonder black men refuse to mate with them, not a single ounce of grace in that thing!

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Damn it I wish that kid was carrying.

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thats it 4 seconds?

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That guy didn't look like a shrimp, so why didn't he yank the dust pan out of her hands and throw her to the ground??? I get she's pretty big and tall, but she's fat and female.


Why are so many of you talking about him carrying??? He's MALE and could probably beat the shit out of her. She may be big, but she's female and thus is weaker than males. He doesn't need a weapon unlike the sheboon. You all need to teach your sons and daughters to defend themselves.

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but she's fat and female.

Which means the next day his twitter, facebook and other social media accounts blow up and his name is forever associated with being a racist, a misogynist, a KKK member and potential school shooter. The principal of the school throws him under a bus, saying racist incidents are not to be tolerated and the schools African American student union gets some special consideration plus a day off school to plan some racial sensitivity event the next week.

He's in a situation where he can eat it or cause genuine and potentially lasting damage to his reputation by acting appropriately.

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Are you shitting me? White kids are not allergic to defend themselves. Where do you fucking live that you don't know this?

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Plenty violence happens in schools in my area. Guess what, everyone involved is white because I live in a predominantly white country. Why do Americans have to bring everything back to race? It's a cruel violent world we live in so people act accordingly regardless of race. Ps her actions are disgusting and I really hope she's expelled.

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0 context that's dumb.

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he is sitting down. I doubt he punched her then sat down.

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