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I wouldn’t hire an Evergreen student for anything. With the way they indoctrinate them to be offended by everything it would be a labor lawsuit for sure.

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I have a friend who goes to Evergreen. He says there's only 3-4 normal people in the entire school, the rest are freaks. Not only that, but they constantly try to 'out-weird' each other by doing things like writing their names in Cyrillic, inventing genders, claiming to be Christian, whatever is most shocking. I might put together an album of the weird stuff he's sent me.

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claiming to be Christian? they are coming full circle.

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Hell I'm thankful when the 'Christians' I've met have read the gospels :(

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Sounds like Oakland. Either you're a criminal or a freak trying to out freak everyone else.

Only good thing is when the criminals attack the freaks.

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I agree. It's the same for fags, trannies, and other degenerates that chose to parade it around. Hire one and you are begging for a lawsuit.

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If they parade it around and you don't hire them isn't that a reason for lawsuit too?

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As a college student in the PNW, I hope the progressive ideology crashes down on them hard. It is painful to watch. Education shouldn't be politically loaded.

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Tribalism is natural. Either you rule or you’re on the bottom.

They always mock how jews are tribal, while forgetting that every race except western europeans are tribal and that's precisely what makes white genocide possible.

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Vae Victus

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Tell me again how blacks can't be racist

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Niggers are some of the most racist tribal mindset fucks

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They are ignorant and loud so you see it more but every group of non-whites including jews is tribal and hates outsiders. Asians are actually probably considerably more racist and jews damn sure are.

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They focus so much on race that they become more racist

She hit the nail

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I would leave that school, and then expose them for what they are.

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She shouldn't have gone there in the first place!

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That nasally little voice that interrupts her at the end. Yuck.

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She goes out there close to tears telling her story and they're just like, yeah, whatever, shut up.

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Brave kid. She definitely needs better prep/a more aggressive style.

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What a horrible racist woman! Everyone knows when a POC hurts someone or steals something they are merely expressing their righteous anger at a patriarchal colonialist system that deliberately caused them to fail at life. Instead of punishing these poor oppressed melanin blessed souls we should congratulate them and give them a medal for their bravery!

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I propose putting them out of our misery

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I know you're trying to be sarcastic but did you know that there are many "liberals" who genuinely thinks that?

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Oh I know all too well from years of working in the ghetto and hearing their tired ass excuses. "I had to steal that 50 dollar pack of ribeyes my kids are hungry. Nigga steal some ramen noodles and lima beans or I don't know... Get a fucking job?

Edit: You know what the worst part of it is? Most of them get 300-400 dollars in food stamps every goddamn month. They could get like kangz everyday, but no they sell their food stamps to buy meth and just steal the food they need. When I was desperate and needed food stamps I got a little under 30 bucks, probably because I'm not enriched with melanin. I should of claimed I was a mulatto or something.

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Is it just me, or do none of these bitchute links ever work?

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they do, it's just that your browser might be preventing some of the code from working. bitchute live delivers the video to yo, in a different way than youtube. idk the specifics tbh, but it could be browser incompatibility or extensions throwing things off

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Tried it in a couple of different ones. One just has the loading animation and never shows the video. Good old IE shows what looks like a video with controls, but it keeps what looks like a "buffering" animation on the position slider and never plays.

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It worked for me, after a brief stutter in the first 10 seconds or so.

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