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First mistake: Brandishing a gun around a bunch of small children. Second mistake: Thinking only you have a gun. This guy was taken down by an off-duty cop (BRAZIL). He later died of his injuries.

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> He later died of his injuries.


We should make guns illegal. That boy didn't do nothing and was a bright aspiring scientist.

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He a good boy. He was an eagle scout. about to get his GED.

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Maybe a bright aspiring science test subject...he teaching the ME a refresher in anatomy


<---I'll see myself out

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good. im glad we dont have to pay for his meals or housing.

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you live in Brasil?

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This guy was taken down by an off-duty cop (BRAZIL)

Then it makes a lot more sense why a guy like this would try something. Brazil's fighting pretty hard between the police forces and the drug cartels, from the sounds of things, law and order there is on shaky ground at best. Chaos all the time is the impression I get.

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This has been posted before. She's a police officer.

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It's good to see it again.

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Considering she did it wrong, that's rather interesting.

She kicked the gun away, that's the right thing to do. Then she picked it up. Not so good. Then she approached the man much too closely. She should've have been standing still further back. Adrenaline making the choices for her.

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With the result she achieved only a twat would call her wrong.

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When is there ever an on-duty cop in Brazil? It's always off-duty cops.

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Because you have to be an advanced level of stupid to mess with an on duty cop in Brazil.



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Kind of like in the US

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That bimbo that ran into the car and fumbled in it to try and get away.

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Yeah fuck her for trying to escape a threat.

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This video always chokes me up.

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its a beautiful thing

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I wish this video had sound, I would love to hear this bitch wail when he realized he chose the wrong victim.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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If it wasn't caught on camera, this would've been another case of a "dindu nuffin" innocent black angel shot by rayciss cracka.

I guess living in a surveillance state isn't all bad (though I would obviously prefer to live in a high-trust ethnostate instead)

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Nah, this is in Brazil. People don't care when criminals get blasted anywhere in the world besides the USA and Western Europe.

Everywhere else, when some moron gets killed mid-felony, people are actually happy about it. Weird, I know, but it's a cultural thing.

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