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exactly the answer! also just look at the science stats and math, Miscegenation? S.Africa and Brazil are some of the most race 'mixed' nations on Earth, they are the worst shitholes, muggings, rape, homicide off the fucking charts...that is diversity

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Why doesn't this kike scumbag move to the Congo if he likes diversity so much?

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How much "diversity" is in his neighborhood?

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Here's his former home he sold 2 years into his EU commissioner role, price card: 800K 100% white neighborhood.


He moved into a 1.3 million euro home in a exclusive neighborhood. His new home has extreme security. 3 meter high fences with spikes, full CCTV coverage, bullet proof windows, security guards and so forth. 96% white neighborhood with other 'diverse' politicians and rich elites..

He said in one of his other speeches as commissioner:

The citizens should accept diversity, there are simply 2 choices:

  1. The citizens accept the fact that they must live in a diverse society....

  2. The citizens accept that there will be a war....

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he as much admits that it will not work at the end of his speech.. "europe will not remain a place of peace and freedom".... in other words without diversity europe already is a place of peace and freedom.

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Forced diversity, huh?

if the goyim will not accept it then fuck the goyim

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Who was that scumbag?

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That is the EU Vice President Frans Timmermans.


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10/10 deserves summary execution

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Thanks Voat Bro.

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Diversity means annihilation of small ethnic groups by large ones. Mass reproduction becomes a winning strategy, meaning that we are handing the world (or Europe) to blacks, Indians and other primitives.

Japan take note... The EU is coming after you next. 'no corner of the world'.

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(((They))) intend on taking down all of Asia too.

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Source on that? Alternatively, evidence on how you reached that conclusion? I'm interested, that's why I'm asking.

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Political correctness is a suicide cult. It's a religion, a cult. This guy is a religious fundamentalist nutcase.

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Over my dead body.

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That's their plan, yes.

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