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Again, as I mention in my thread, this collusion of near-monopolies to censor targeted individuals and ideologies falls under the FTC regulation/prosecution for violation of antitrust laws.

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It's called the next level of attack by the controlling group. It's only going to get nastier until it gets better.

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There will be another "mass shooting" and then they will go for your guns.

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falls under the FTC regulation

"Uhh, Alex, I'd like to take Selective Enforcement for $500"

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We need to reach out to this guy.

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Will Trump ever do anything about this?

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Go on the FTC website and file a complaint on the online form. It takes less than 5 minutes.

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What next, a grocery store won't sell you food if you have the wrong political opinion? Water company turns off your water for voting for the wrong candidate?

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It could get to that point. It's actually kinda scary.

The question they are trying to get people to think about is "is it more beneficial to remain silent about political views or change political views than it is to continue expressing the wrong political opinion?"

For most people their bottom line is putting food on the table and making ends meet. If this becomes an actual thing then it could cause a lot of people to 'fall in line' so to speak.

There are some other comments in this submission that touch on the idea that the public has more power than they use when it comes to money. An orchestrated effort to get a few hundred thousand people to stop spending money for a few days would send them in to panic mode very quickly and possibly make them rethink their chocies.

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It will cause some people to fall in line, but America wasn't made by or for those people.

America was made by people pissed off enough to start shooting at the fuckers. And people who could grow their own food and didn't need much of anything from the outside world.

I just hope and pray that the people are able to do that again.

Sadly I don't think so because we are fat and lazy and overfed and under organized and trained.

100million gun owners would be hard to take down if organized, but taking them out a couple at a time like this will get the job done in a generation or two.

I think that Trump's win, (kike cock sucker that he is), has panicked the bastards in power and the are pushing things too fast, and its waking people up.

Time will tell if it is enough people awake and pissed off enough to make a difference.

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No, they just go straight to rounding them up and shooting them in a firing squad. Turning off the water supply of dissenters has too much risk of causing civil uprest.

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this is how it starts, next a new system brews.....

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Yes exactly. Like the social credits system in China. Even in South Africa, you already cannot drive your car into some places if you have not renewed your insurance on time.

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I wonder how hard it would be to get tens of thousands of people to withdraw all of their money out of the bank on the same day?

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Agitating for a bank run is illegal.

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Looked it up because I wasn't sure. Wow. Now I really want this to happen.

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No, getting caught agitating for a bank run is illegal.

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Banks make laws.

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Now that's an interesting law. Organizing to "punch nazis" isn't illegal, but boycotting a bank is!

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people closed their accounts when bank of america raised atm fees to $5.00. the bank quickly got rid of that idea.

fucking with the money is the only way to get attention. we have more power than we're using. spending power. we can also not spend. which is when we'll be taken seriously.

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That's a pretty good idea. I can see the panic now.

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Removing just a little bit of cash hurts banks more than you think. There's this little thing called the reserve limit, where banks have to hold a certain % of cash. So let's say a bank gets a deposit of 10k with a 10% limit, they only need to have 1k in cash and get to loan out that 9k to other people. In essence if you were to remove your 10k from a bank, it is like taking 100k out.

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A much better opportunity is to convince your friends and family to start investing in crypto.

A bank run won't happen till all their investments go belly up.

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The kykes are panicking. Good. First they ignore you, then they fight you, then you make them breathe cyanide gas.

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mastercard CEO is a streetshitter. goes to show it's not just jews, ALL foreign tribes will take whatever they can from us if we let them.

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It certainly isn't just the CEO who makes decisions. I am sure the board of directors is packed with kikes

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Good point. Streetshitter Dotheads have been kissing jew ass ever since Britain left

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MasterCard is just a back up card for most people. Visa seems to be the first choice.

They defnitely need to be sued foe political persecution, discrimination and being scum sucking psychopaths.

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This guy doesn't even have a Mastercard. Mastercard went out of their way to coerce Patreon to shut him down. This is criminal violation of the RICO act.

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What in the actual fuck...

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Dear MasterCard


I'm writing to you today in regards to the seemingly arbitrary application of your terms and services.  Today I learned that Robert Spencer, a Jewish man, had his Patreon privileges removed on your order.  As a MasterCard customer, I would like an explanation for your silencing of minority voices.  What is your investment in damaging the reputation and livelihood of this man? Why has he been targeted? The enforcement of your Terms of Service is whimsical,  and I think that is due to the entirely subjective nature of terms such as "hate". MasterCard is a business, and as a business,  it has the choice to deny service at any time,  but should it? Should MasterCard now become an arbiter? Will MasterCard retain rooms full of lawyers to attempt to divine the answer to a question that even the supreme court struggles with?  

I don't know precisely what obscenity is, nor can I guarantee what speech constitutes hate.  Can MasterCard? Is that what MasterCard seeks to be? 

I suggest that MasterCard should not be quick to intervene in regard to these highly subjective issues.  We are in a tumultuous social and political climate right now. MasterCard should not take sides.

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Fun fact: During the 0bama administration the Attorney General threatened credit card companies who allowed charges from the Seneca Nation (New York, et al) for cigarettes deliveries saying, in sum, that sending smokes over US Mail might be illegal as minors might be the recipients.

Every credit card company caved.

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The damage that decision did to my reservation was enormous.

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Oi! Shut it down !!

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if they removed him outside of the terms of service , and they admitted to it its a lawsuit and could be sued for damages

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