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what is soycide? suicide when filled with soy? going full cuck?

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I watched around ten minutes before I got bored. What did he do in the end? Off himself over a video?

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MundaneMatt kept making fake reports on people who made videos that criticized him. Then he tried to defend himself by lying about it. Constantly. All over Twitter, all over all the media outlets he exists on. It proved how much of a whiny bitch he was.

It was just him being an idiot and coming into a chatroom, lying about everything he does, and then he was called out on it and backed into a corner where he had to show the evidence. He did so, and it proved him to be an idiot who has constantly lied.

As someone who was once false flagged, he is now false flagging others. He just constantly fucked up and lied. He has blamed his behaviour on being suicidal, on his kid, on his mortgage, anything but himself.

Literally anyone who mentioned him, he claimed against them.

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Thanks. So he didn't commit suicide in the end?

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Metokur was surprisingly tame.

I guess mundaneFatt is just really that boring.

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Posted a non-apology on tumblr and took his wifes son out bouldering again.


Lost probably half his active subscribers and will have to go get a real job.