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Again. Am I the only one seeing there is an effort to enrage white strait males?

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They want their war. Hilary was Plan A, this is Plan B.

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It's click bait. We've known that Isis had been killing and raping Yazidis for years. Yazidis were trapped on a hilltop after Isis attacked them in 2014 and it made international news.

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Nah, they just wanna get rid of you. If they can do that without making you angry (like through brainwashing) that's even better for them.

Making you angry is a side effect because you realized that they want to demographically replace you.

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No man. I'm here.

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Oy vey wonder (((who))) would have an interest destroying a certain genetic line.

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Published: 10:57 BST, 14 August 2014

Wow that's some burning hot fresh news you got there.

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Be it 2018 or 2001, the Jew and their puppets all need to die.

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And Black Lives Matter were seeking reparations for slavery over 100 years ago?

As a white male I am proud of the western culture and that my country abolished slavery in a world where slavery still exists.

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The Arabs had the right idea and castrated their male African slaves.

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Once again we see (((who))) is behind this terror group

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Can we glass Isreal and the middle east shithole already please?

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They should give birth to the rape babies and throw them in the sea or burn them.

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