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Civil war means two or more sides are fighting. This is terrorism because only one side is fighting.

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We're voting in 1 month, thanks for 10% more votes retarded sand niggers.

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Lol, I don't think the new-Swedes can vote yet, but by the next election a lot of them will be able, that is when your country becomes UKstan. How to fix the problem? Just do what Trump is strongly proposing, anyone who has used welfare is not able to get Citizenship.

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Democracy is great, one of the best things. It gives you a chance to say what you want.

Or you dispose of the candidates you dislike.

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The correct term is 'People of Sand', my fellow white person. Please be considerate.

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please save Sweden

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This is terrorism

War is terrorism and terrorism is war. You cant make a distinction between the two. The only goal of war is to make the target submit. The only goal of terrorism is to make the target submit. The fact the two sides are terrorizing each other at the same time doesnt change the fact that its terrorism.