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My fellow white people, this is only part and parcel of living in diverse and multicultural society, this is our strength, this is progressive and democratic, my fellow white people. You're not some migrant hating nazi scum, are you? You understand that you can combat this by importing more migrants from diverse countries in the Middle East and Africa, and avoid those privileged whites or, god help us all, notorious kebab removers of the southern Europe. Please understand, my fellow white people....

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Didn't jewtube use to have a translator?

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100% this. Thanks goat.

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With my lack of burning skills, what is the best way to burn a highrise?

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Fly a plane into it, obviously.

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Probably to set a bunch of kindling in several nearby units and run

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Buy a fridge [Greenfell].


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I wouldn't be quick to blame the immigrants. I get the impression they're being played to a point where they trust a local "white" that the grass is greener, borrow money and leave their families as collateral, get here and find out all the "whites" own the businesses and won't hire or let them live anywhere but specialized housing. Once unemployed they're just bored and counting the minutes until the new "white" local government deports them back home, now with debt and family likely enslaved.

The first country to get a legal system where minimum wage can afford to sue for something as little as a single paycheck, will likely flourish. You can't sue anyone in America unless you're a lawyer or you're rich.

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Civil war means two or more sides are fighting. This is terrorism because only one side is fighting.

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We're voting in 1 month, thanks for 10% more votes retarded sand niggers.

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Lol, I don't think the new-Swedes can vote yet, but by the next election a lot of them will be able, that is when your country becomes UKstan. How to fix the problem? Just do what Trump is strongly proposing, anyone who has used welfare is not able to get Citizenship.

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Democracy is great, one of the best things. It gives you a chance to say what you want.

Or you dispose of the candidates you dislike.

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The correct term is 'People of Sand', my fellow white person. Please be considerate.

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please save Sweden

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This is terrorism

War is terrorism and terrorism is war. You cant make a distinction between the two. The only goal of war is to make the target submit. The only goal of terrorism is to make the target submit. The fact the two sides are terrorizing each other at the same time doesnt change the fact that its terrorism.

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Doesnt look like civil war, plus Sweden is WAYYYYYY too cucked and retarded for that. This looks like the result of a good old night of cultural enrichment.

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Captain Sweden Saves the Day! https://archive.org/details/youtube-nZ4zhEfjXqA

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So what is going on since I don't read Swedish?

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Hooligans burn cars.

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You mean niggers

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But are the Swedes fighting back yet? Then we'd have a civil war.

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Welfare Shopping Migrants, Refug-Rapist burn cars...... It an African centric thing...........

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It's not just cars there's an apartment building on fire at least a half mile away.

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Look at all this news coverage absent from American media.

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Tucker might cover it.

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Not a civil war. They have been invaded. Those are not their brothers.

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They have been invaded.

No they havent. They gave their women the vote, the women smelled weakness and immediately used the newly gained vote to import millions of muslims who wont let them vote.

It isnt invasion when you open your borders voluntarily.

Stop making excuses for cucks, faggot.

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Trojan War

Greeks laid Siege to Troy for 10 years.

Greeks get tired of waiting game so come up with plan to get inside the walls.

Build a giant wooden horse. Secretely hide best warriors inside the Horse. Leave it as tribute at the city gates.

Pretend to give up and sail away.

Trojans wheel suspicious gift inside city and entire populace gets smashed.

Too drunk to fight when the Greeks climb out of the horse.

TFW 3000 years later @no-hurry-no-pause says Greeks didn't invade the city because the Trojans were cucks who stupidly let them in.

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In the past 100 vikings would have routed 1,000 Muslim invaders.

Now I think 100 Muslims could easily destroy 100,000 modern Swedish cucks.

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I'm not sure that's what happened in the past. When the Vikings tried to fuck with Moorish Spain, El Andaluce, the Muslems kicked the fucking shit out of them, hung their head on pikes, and let like 24 ships escape. That was the end of that.

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Kind of like how Vlad made kebabs out of the turks by impaling them on large stakes

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That was one of Ragnar's sons leading a large raiding party. They were cocky, after having spent the past few decades destroying the Angles, Saxons, Picts, Britons, Gaels, Frisians, and Franks, they thought they could sail down the coast of Europe and fuck up whoever else they came across. They didn't realize the Iberian tribes and Muslim invaders had been fighting for centuries and had droves of hardened warriors on both sides just itching for another war. Follow on conquests in the Mediterranean were more successful, such as the Viking conquest of Sicily.

Note: that failed invasion was famous for Ragnar's sword being lost, which was seen as the start of the decline of the Ragnarson's prestige.

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Vikings also ran from the "New World".

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Civil war? More like the the continuing jihad going on there. I'm sure the Swedish jew owned press will cover it up. Oh, a car caught fire. Nothing to see here.

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Right? It's not a civil war until a white Swede goes out there with a hunting rifle, and starts dropping niggers left and right.


I just gave myself an erection over the thought of sniping niggers.

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do they even still have hunting rifles?

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I have a .308 set up perfectly for just such a situation. Just letting you know is all......

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That's exactly why Niggers in America don't pull "Chimp Outs" outside of their own shit-hole communities.

Well armed Whites will start defending their family, property, and neighbors.

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Don't forget the Rooftop Koreans!

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Thank you for your service

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