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Never been guilty of being white, never will.

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I'll have to watch this when I have some time. Sounds like a good watch.

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Sounds like I'm talking up there, for the most part. Same brainwave?

Also, @alopix https://youtu.be/SQxBcQJE_e0?t=47m55s this is you. You're a collectivist, socialist/communist piece of shit. You're the type of fag to read a piece of positive information about whites and your brain gets all gassed up and your autistic brain clunks into false american dichotomy mode and you go from loving brown people to copying what the left says "the bad, racist, white supremacists think". (faggot, note the use of the numerous undefined words there)

^ THAT is one reason you're forever a faggot.

edit: also, feeling guilty feelings isn't virtuous you fucking retarded, pussy, hippie bitch

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Thanks for sharing. Saved.

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Lol. Guilt is a woman's primary tool to control based on feelings. Once you remove feelings from a discussion, only logic remains.

This will cure any lingering white guilt:


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White guilt doesn't fucking exist. So how can it have a death....

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Are you being serious? White guilt is so real that it culturally diffused to places it doesn't even plausibly apply, like Sweden

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White guilt doesn't mean "whites are guilty." White guilt is the feeling of guilt that is imposed upon whites and constantly reinforced by media and social propaganda. Those people you see who clad themselves in chains and put themselves in wooden neck restraints with the T-shirts that say "sorry" on them? That's a product of "white guilt."

It certainly exists, it simply has no reason to, especially when you compare whites to other races.

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It's more like a form of retardation than guilt.

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(((Stephan molyneux)))

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Thats great and all but the convo is just meant to contain the information. He still never points out thier over reach here in America. This is just meant to make you feel like he is talking about the problem when in reality he never actually says anything definite. His guest is silent most of the time and the convo,never really gets legs. I prefer Patrick little who doesnt beat around the bush. The whole immigration thing is a symptom of Jewish power and Stephan makes it seem like Israel could potentially be invaded as well when in reality they are the ines making,it happen. There is no real info here just a distraction.

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Based and Redpilled.

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