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No shit, if it was difficult the democrats wouldn't be able to do it!

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I guess they didn't use these machines during the Trump election. /s

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They did, definitely did during the DNC primaries. There exit polling and votes weren't matching up and well inside the UN's "rigged election". In addition to that, they openly committed voter fraud by organizing buses to drive voters to multiple voting locations, even across state lines. Plus, the dead vote Democrat. Plus, illigals vote Democrat. Plus, the only evidence of voter fraud was showing up in Blue states with terrible quality control with the vote/registration hard copies, which is why that recount/investigation was shut down so quickly after it started.

With all that... Trump won. Because he had the nerve to acknowledge the existence of Americans outside of 3 major cities.

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They probably had to hunt far and wide to find a female pen tester in a male-dominated field of IT. I do pen testing for contract work and have only ever seen one female do it.

Sad. Politics are so stupid these days.

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Gut instinct is that they used a girl so they'd get more clicks on the video. I also feel like I'm the only one who noticed her nose shape

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Went back and looked. She definitely has a shylock hooked nose.

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Comment copied from the OP's link.

Trent Waters says:

Many states use machines manufactured by Diebold....a little research of that swell company coupled with no paper trail should already have caused major, major concerns. Problem is those concerns were known for a long time and some people tried to raise the alarm but no one cared at all. Now, I'm trying to understand where all this concern is coming from. I mean as a nation we dont care who or who doesn't vote, nor how often, or even whether those voting have the right to vote. You're video here is 7-10 years too late, go home! I'm sensing there is an indirect message here, being this, in November the Russians will forgo some Facebook posts and simply hack the machines. Think about it a moment if you can swing the American voter with Facebook nonsense then why even bother with those machines, simply do the same thing in November, the citizenry is apt to fall for it again.

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Big f*cken surprise! Left still can win an election

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Sorros and his brigade of Kid Fucking Faggots over at the DNC wouldn’t have it any other way ,. Obvi

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And they think that wasnt by accident or design come on now you know out government better than that good guy in front of camera dr evil behind closed doors i shouldn't have to type this out

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black nail polish is about as disgusting as tattoos

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Black nail polish is very attractive on a woman to me.

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In her defense.

She is death.

She is adarkness.


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At least it is temporary

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nail polish is about as disgusting as tattoos

Maybe not quite, but I'm pretty skeptical of people who feel the need to paint their fingernails.

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That was inappropriate.

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