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Seemed like a genuine person and just was a broken goat with his screws loose. RIP :(

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I ain't even a little mad at him. Hell, I ain't even disappointed. That was pretty awesome and seems like a fantastic way to go.

Insurance will cover the plane. The company hasn't even got to pick up the mess it left. No, the FBI and NTSB are going to pick up every scrap of evidence.

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I'm a little disappointed he decided to end it. His choice though and he went out spectacular and didn't hurt anyone else. I'd have preferred he landed himself safely though.

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I have no moral qualms with people committing suicide. I think we should make it possible for people to do so with dignity. We should load 'em up with whatever drugs they want and put them to sleep painlessly.

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It's not as if there's a way out of a situation like that. He bantered about not being able to land it because that'd mean life in prison.

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I have a strong feeling one of those two F-15's that were scrabbled, shot him down. I guarantee they were listening to the entire conversation with the controller, and once they determined there were no passengers on board, figuring the chances of him getting that plane on the ground were slim without killing someone, and at the moment he flew over a uninhabited area,, a quick burst of the 20mm gatling gun mounted on the F15 is all she wrote.

If you click on the pdf in the link, you'll see this gun was specifically made for "interdiction missions" which is exactly what they felt this was IMO.

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After 9/11 they can make up any story because those were the first planes they didnt make a model of after wards b3csuse there were not enough pieces but there was a passport almost fully intact that survived.. i mean the luck of finding that passport is truly amazing.. makes me believe in a higher power honestly

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I’m devastated this happened. It could have been any one of us, and I’m sorry we weren’t there for him this time. What a sad and somber reminder of what we are doing – fighting to give our people something to live for again. Fighting to take back the future that was stolen from us. To restore a sense of inner peace and serenity that we have been searching for endlessly.

“I think I’m gonna try to do a barrel roll, and if that goes good . . . nose down and call it a night.”

And into that good night, you did go. See you on the other side, Sky King.

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Affirmative Action claims another Person of Light.

His blood is on boomers' hands.

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Yah, this is what people don't realize about NAFTA, Fractional reserve banking, Immigration, feminism, the drug war.

It's kills far more people than most realize.

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You know, I was thinking of making a post on voat the other day. Basically saying, "my life feels purposeless, I was told I could be whatever I wanted and make a difference. Go to the moon, be a surgeon, play pro sports... whatever I wanted. Look where I am now, running the rat race and only getting further behind."

I was able to think it out and found a few positives and some changes I should make. Of course everything is always easier said than done. I felt his struggle, all he felt he did was load bags. Day in, day out, nothing changes. The only feedback he's ever going to get is "stop rough handling baggage and you need to work faster." He's never going to get a customer smile or a pat on the back. He probably dreamed of being a pilot but the closest he got was video games and loading bags onto planes.

RIP Brother

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Boomers grew up believing twinkies were good for them. No wonder the world is now as fucked up as it is. Weak men breed bad times, bad times breed strong men. We can be the change our country needs brothers.

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I think you have to respect the boomers (people born before 1963) because the white ones had far higher percent of home ownership and tax paying percent than lazy underemployed poorer soy boy generation whites.

Far more home ownership by Age 30.

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Damn allergies, making my eyes all watery and shit.

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There isn't much that gets me choked up, but this was one of them.

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Same here. I didn't know anything about this until I got off work yesterday. The more I learn about it, the sadder it is.

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His name was Rich

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I teared up a little.

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Who is this guy and what happened?

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Baggage handler in an airport steals a plane and does a barrel roll and other aerial aerobatics until he crashes into an island, killing only himself. Mid-flight he jokes about anti-White discrimination from employers when talking to whoever was trying to convince him to land the plane.

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shot down, or shot down.

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