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It's not hypocrisy if they have no morals. Egalitarianism is a lie to create "multiculturalism" and destroy nations. Tucker has unfortunately fallen for their framing of the argument. He's even using their retarded "hate" terminology. He plays "classical liberal" on television now, playing the underdog, and just winds up a tool to promote destruction.

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Jews are trying to start a civil war.

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Just gonna leave this here. Let the lion awake.

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Wait did tucker actually show the anti-white verified twitter legions on TV or was that edited in?

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That was edited. He did show some of Sarah Jeong's tweets here though.

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Not bad, tucker. I think he could have gotten away with pointing out how many Americans died so that Jeong could be free to come here and abuse their descendents but otherwise he pushed as far as he could in normiespace. Thanks for the link bud. Very kind of you.

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I swear Tucker or someone on his team lurks 4chan or 8ch.

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but but jews are oppressed.

fucking kikes

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op faggot, name the jew or shut up.

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Go ahead and hate white people, it's only gonna wake them up faster, and better than any argument could. I'm almost glad they hate me.

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it's only gonna wake them up faster

If only but it doesn't seem like it. The best we can hope for is probably a pendulum swing like we had after the hippies had children but no real change. In fact, giving people a mild catharsis will make a lot of them feel vindicated without actually solving anything.

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Damn right it has. I'm fucking ready for it man. I've had enough. If ((they)) and other minorities want war they'll get it. Let it be known that this will be the war to end all wars. Not like WWI or WWII. No this will be the war that determines the fate of the entire civilized world. I'm pretty damn good at plinking small targets from 300 yards with iron sights of a mosin. I've had enough. We need a face to rally behind. It's time they start fearing us and knowing who we are and will be.

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(((you))) did it wrong. Do you know who has a habit of inciting violence under alias? Jews and feds.