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You know what I find the most disturbing in videos like this where you see them in their natural habitat?

The shouting and mongoloiding as soon as something happens. It's like they think they suddenly split the atom or something

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Ever seen a chimp freak out in the zoo?

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Not necessary. All you need do is take a drive thru parts of North and West Philadelphia, any time of the day or evening, to see monkeys out your car windows frolicking in their 'native habitat'. (It's far better and 5x as dangerous as the old Drive-Thru Safari Park they used to have at Great Adventure across the del river in Jackson, NJ)

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Like cavemen discovering fire.

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My Brother, I like the way you think! :) :)

Yes I L'edMAO when those coons went down thru that roof. Just more proof that the 80-point IQ Black African was truly put on this G-d's Green Earth to provide a modicum of random Entertainment value for the Superiour White Man to enjoy.

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There is also something unique in that video, inasmuch as it shows the Chimpanzees fashion Tools and Work to get at the food they wish to eat. This is direct opposition to the urban Welfare/Entitlement Enriched Afri-coon Knee-groid Human, who relies on the work of others to give him the money so he can go to Burger-Kangs and have someone else cook him 3 cheeseburgers and a 32oz 'grape drank' to consume. Mother Nature is proven yet again. The real Chimpanzees are actually smarter and have more self-respect than the Human (?) Pavement Apes.

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White taxpayers built that shelter. Now it's gone.

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5 years from now they will be talking about how the bus stops in the black areas have no roofs, and how that is proof of racism.

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Better send an ambulance full of white paramedics to bandage the welfare recipients for free.

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That bus stop was designed by a racist white engineer.

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You might be on to something there. City infrastructure should take a page out of zoo design methodologies. Taking their natural habitats and physical inclinations into consideration, the average inner city bus stop should look more like this

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We are going to have to start building white cities like this.


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And it wouldn't take two weeks for some nigger to manage this.

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Probably a racist white supremacist CIS-gendered WASP male engineer.

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The Very. Best. Kind.

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Chimps gonna chimp. I wonder if they sued.

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No nigger ever understands the consequences of his actions. These chimps do much better swinging through trees in their natural habitat. I hope it killed all of them.

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Why is there a guy on a horse following the bus?

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You see that occasionally in areas with horse trails. I live in LA county. I've seen people riding on/near streets in Burbank, Glendale, Altadena etc.

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It looks like a black neighborhood, how do you lock the doors on a horse?

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