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Some disturbing shit.. this is evolution of propaganda. It's so obvious it hurts

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VERY disturbing. What the fuck do white people do against this open discrimination in media, hiring, law.....?

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Stop giving (((them))) your money

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Keep voting for based Republicans. Stop funding the arts. I would have no problem funding arts if it was actually about representing beauty, passing culture on, teaching kids manual dexterity and opening their minds. But it's all about perversion, hating anything beautiful or good, mocking earnestness and encouraging subversiveness.

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For a start, cancel your HBO subscription, stop watching Game of Thrones or Westworld or w/e. That's a start.

The end will probably be ugly.

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What the fuck do white people do

a) Try playing the game of democracy they rigged against you by mass immigration and vote white, buy white, help white as long as we've not been outnumbered by the immigrants. Stop being tolerant, go extremely tribal and dedicate everything you do to helping your ingroup and harming the outgroups AND the traitors. Always reserve the first bullet for the traitors.

b) Start a hot civil war and kill em all.

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I'd hate to see anyone who actually likes and believes this shit. I guess all I have to do is go to Eddit for that.

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...or Buzzfeed, or Twitter..

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I don't even know where to begin. Like, white thought is an amalgam of a bunch of European ideals, and that makes it somehow flawed? But black thought is unique and blackness is pure, not an amalgam of African/sub-Saharan ideals? And side effects may include black thoughts? So I'll give up philosophizing over what is right and virtuous and instead initiate some spontaneous gang violence?

Just what the fuck.

Just got to the end... love that he's typing on an Apple device (white CEOs since forever)... fuck this tripe.

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I think it's satire

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That's what they want you to think...

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It's hard to tell anymore.

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When I was in college, the SJW thing was to swap races and see if it sounds weird. The point was, you wouldn't say "the white doctor," so don't say, "the Black doctor." And as far as that goes, I get it. Now, as Candace Owens showed on Twitter, if you reverse races in the other direction, it gets very disturbing very quickly. None of this would fly with any other group.

The other thing I'd like to say: no one I know identifies as White. Most people identify as American, Irish-American, whatever. No one is like, "Oh my whiteness and lack of culture, better steal from the PoC." We have our own music, dance, poetry, traditions etc and people are proud of them, rightfully so. This makes no sense and I can't believe people are swallowing this. No one is lording their whiteness over anyone else. Having work-ethic and middle class values is not racist. Asians, some spics and a minority of Blacks do that, too. And we all do it because it works. You can't be irresponsible and expect others to pay your tab forever. This is all so bizarre. I'm literally praying a lot lately because I don't know what else to do.

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I'm a White American. I go my midnightblue online mostly. You now know at least one individual on earth, in the USA, who identifies as being White.

I take it so seriously, I capitalize the word White when referring to our race, just like the jews and everyone else gets to. Conversely, I refuse to capitalize words like muslim or jew as a subtle showing of contempt.

Propaganda like this HBO bullshit has created things like the "OK to be White" meme, and it's also created many, many men like myself- and many of them would be even more "radical" than myself, I suppose.

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The thing is, having to adopt White as an identity is akin to what minorities do. It's like how we call people Black, not Igbo or Khoi-san or whatever. It means we're being collapsed into this one big hold-all, when we used to be in charge and we could be more general or more specific, as we chose to. When people say there's no White culture, that's not true, but what used to be true is that White people passed on their own ethnic traditions (French Canadian, Irish, Swedish, whatever). It's also weird to me that everything is shifting this way, this quickly. I believe there's no way this ends well for the PoC who are starting this foolishness. I think this is an awakening the sleeping giant moment that is going to bite them, hard. They don't understand that everyone is like, "You think you have a problem? What? For 60 years we've been trying to help you!" and pretty soon that is going to turn into, "Okay. We'll GIVE you a problem." Like there won't be anything left.

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I am White.

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I think "White" as an identity has gone beyond skin colour. For example, when blacks say other blacks are "acting white" because they are trying to better themselves.

Whiteness is the willingness and ability to work to goals beyond what is necessarily good for you personally. To be able to come together with other people, regardless of skin colour, who have a "white" identity to create great things.

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This is an interesting point. A lot of Blacks do get angry at motivated, structured Blacks for acting stable, and they call it acting white.

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This is true, but those niggers are act 'white' in their country rather than parasiting me and my family. I mean, fuck, i wish their was an entire resource rich, continent with only whites like me.

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You can't be irresponsible and expect others to pay your tab forever.

That's the thing, people are being taught by the millions this is ok. Someone else in life is the reason they don't already have everything, so they need to fight the evil target [republicans / white people / males / conservatives / racists / Christians / Americans]. It doesn't need to make sense, they just need to have others around them who agree they are being oppressed.

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It's globalism in its purest essence. If being American used to be a culture, an identity, it is quickly eroding away as the "no borders" people try to convince the rest of the world that Americans are in fact everyone who lives there, legally or not, street-shitting, first cousin-marrying, FGMing tradition or not. Others have appropriated "being American", so you are left with only "whiteness" as a culture, and as everyone will attempt to convince you, that does not exist, as no one identified as "white" just barely a hundred years ago, rightly so.

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That's basically all the comment section is saying. The dislike ratio and pure acid of the posts are glorious to behold.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=6m0oMrMUiWQ :

Jon Hamm 'White Thoughts' | Random Acts of Flyness | HBO - YouTube

This has been an automated message.

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Jon Hamm 'White Thoughts' | Random Acts of Flyness | HBO

Don't even give them the views. Here's a rip and backup on Streamable.

The only thing that YouTube link should be used for is the Flag/Report button.

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Nice work on quickly adapting to the new "hooktube".

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Trump accelerated the Jews anti-white propaganda so fast that they aren’t even subtle about shit like this anymore

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The anti-white racism and hatred was far out in the open before-hand. I miss when Buzzfeed screenshots were a thing. You never could tell whether they were modified or real... it was like reading Onion headlines, but really more like a mix of Onion + Daily Stormer + a dash of idiocy for anyone anti-White. It's a part of the reason people united behind Trump: someone who was willing to say "You know what? No. Fuck this, and fuck you."--it's how the silent voting majority felt about how things were going.

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Love that comment section. Go look before they accidentally remove it.

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Wonder who made Game of Thrones such a financial success for them?

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It wasn't me, I pirate them all.

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Same. Raspberry Pi loaded with Kodi. Fucking thing is awesome innit? That's why I was actually wondering who made GoT such a financial success for them? Not like there's anything else on HBO

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And...Home Loxism Office's CEO is a member of the tribe.

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