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Something peculiar about your statement agrees 100% with mine.

> Implying that people living in the mountains make mountains beautiful

No, my statement does not, and can not, agree with yours. Even when you are being coy, you fail to make a valid point.

You seem to derive pleasure from pretending to know things about me.

That was a reach if I've ever seen one. Your lack of understanding is evidenced in your original statement - the mountainous ideas of small footprint, 'leave no trace', tiny housing, etc is all part of a cogent philosophy, a philosophy that does not agree with your premise, as key to mountain life is being invisible, essentially, so that others may enjoy nature unadulterated as well.

I've probably spent more time living in mountains than you. I think I grasp the appeal.

This is impossible to definitively verify over the internet, but read the above for a strong argument for why you're full of shit.