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Tommy looks shaken, like he just got out of Room 101. I hope the UK people take note of what their gov't did to this guy.

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No no, I’m sure he’s one of those nice jews

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^^ Great post! ^^

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Jail will age a man faster than time

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Solitary confinement ( aka torture) for 2 months, all for speaking out against muslim child rape gangs. Fuck the UK. Nuke it.

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Nation invaded by murderous hordes is powered with nuclear.

Shant be long (you and I will witness) ...., UK nukes itself

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Is that what is was for, dumbass? Or was it because he broke the same law against filming on courthouse grounds without permission two times in a row?

I give up. You fucking idiots can't do 10 seconds of research to figure out why he was actually arrested and jailed so quickly- he was on probation for committing the same offense 3 months earlier- committing the same crime, on camera, for a second time shows contempt, so that's a fast track to jail.

This was a publicity stunt/E-begging con. He could've "reported" on the trial literally anywhere except the court property- across the street, from home, etc.. Or, he could've tried to get permission to film on the property. Instead, he chose a very emotional case (grooming gang) and brought his entire camera crew to film himself violating probation, get locked up for a little while, and in the meantime his brother Kalin is out soliciting donations for "legal defense" (there is no defense for what he did, FYI) and becoming some kind of British folk hero- all while being a goddamned jew.

He walks out of it unharmed, because he knew the prison would take special measures just for his special little ass. He walks away with thousands of dollars that naive, emotional White people rushed to throw at him.

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I thought you were only a bit of a cock sucker, slight faggot, slow in the mind, low low, low IQ, stupid.

Turns out, pig, you are even dumber than that.

I know you have a gun, coward.

Put it in your mouth and pull the trigger, prove yourself, idiot.

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I would hightail it the hell out of that country if I were him. Britain has fallen.

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They won’t let him leave.

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Just leave. Why ask for permission?

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If Tommy never pled guilty that changes any assumptions that could've been made about how he was sentenced. We need to push hard to get the court transcripts released. The appeals court has almost certainly seen them.

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Makes one wonder who is pulling the strings and for what ulterior motive in the UK.

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I don’t wonder. Do you?

Cut and dried.

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Excellent point

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What a great interview ever.

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Learn English, dog fucker.

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Tommy definitely lost some weight in there. Wonder if they were starving him.

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Looks less like a plump schoolboy now

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Jail food is fucking gross, he may have starved himself.

Notice how he looks about five years older......two months of degradation

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I know. I've eaten it.

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Fascinating interview!

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Until Tucker cut him short. Tucker had no reason to cut him short, so he's no better than CNN and their "loose" satellite feeds.

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Hahaha, nobody else notice how Tucker was quickly told to pull the plug just as Tommy mentions the style of threats to his family to further ensure that everyone is terrorized and suffering? .... No? :D

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Yes I did notice...., very important point ignored because of time?

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Even Tucker, who plays the role of cutting through the BS and standing up for journalist integrity the way he attacks SJW logic... even he bends to the larger agenda. To be fair its usually as cut and dry as producers giving Tommy a script of topics to cover and those to avoid. Then you have a Producer in Tucker's ear along with Tucker himself aware of what is on the "DO NOT DISCUSS" list. Any attempt to bring that up and suddenly they have a breaking news story of a kitty stuck in a tree. This happens so often on MSM news that I honestly couldn't count the number of times.

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