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im glad she makes it obvious. a living red pill

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Every time I get angry, I think of what you said. Then I am okay.

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Yea relax fren. This is a classic, cut-and-dry case of "don't interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake". The more exposure this chick gets, the worse it'll go for NYT and her insane cause.

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Be angry. Anyone who has reason to be angry and is not isn't true to themselves.

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You niggers need to stop trying to use this as a chance to beat back with the leftist "racist" stick and to instead neutralize it and allow whites to be racist again.

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Right? I'm passed the point of caring about "anti-White racists". I'm not going to judge someone for hating my race or hating me because of my race- because there's a good chance that I hate them, as well.

It's like- alright, we've both acknowledged that we are enemies, now. The time for talk and accusations is over. Opinions are already formed and not likely to change- only thing left to do is try and kill each other, I suppose.

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Yeah. Too bad a bunch of civnat fags have infected this site and are obsessed with proving "B-B-B-But they're the real racists!"

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Make Racism Great Again!

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This guy seems genuinely surprised the (((New York Times))) would be so blatant. They hired Jon “Skippy” Podesta and now everyone knows they’re agitprop who defend the indefensible. If they protect pedophiles they’ll protect racists.

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Agitprop is political propaganda, especially the communist propaganda used in Soviet Russia, that is spread to the general public through popular media such as literature, plays, pamphlets, films, and ... Wikipedia

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I'm not sure I fully agree with 'pizzagate' but I agree there is something very fucked up with the Podestas.

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'Pizzagate' is a psyop to deflect from the fact that elites are raping and sacrificing children.

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she must've hurt by white men before, poor baby

[–] thantik 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

"who hurt you" is such a beta neckbeard phrase.

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I too worry about every post I make on the internet to random strangers and try to ensure that it is as ALPHA AS FUCK AS POSSIBLE.


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Did some beta neckbeard hurt you?

[–] toodarkformymainacc 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

maybe it hurt you because you are the true beta neckbeard

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I had a look at her tweets. They don't even feel the need to pretend to be anti-racist anymore. They're comfortably just being anti-white.

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she is simply filled with hate ..her hate can be directed in multiple ways

one day it will be directed at her spouse, family, anyone misfortune enough to share the road with her, ,her own mail man, grocery store clerk ,auto mechanic, a random person waiting in lie with her , etc ,ect ,ect

OH she is anti white until a white man hires her at NYT...then he will be OK for a time anomaly in her mind ,until she wants more , then all the white men at the NYT will be the target of her hatred

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a (((white man))) hired her

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I bet she expressed all those sentiments in the interview and her big-nosed interviewer was pleased.

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She’s to distract from all the white Jews doing the same thing.

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