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Nice of them to give the camera to Rocksteady Richard, the recovering epileptic.

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The cameraman's name?

Mikhai J. Foksva

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And everyone clapped!

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Those alcohol vodka shakes, man

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At least it didn't have two huge black bars on each side! You can do image stabilization in post processing to make it easier to watch. But you can't fix stupid (vertical video makers).

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This is nigger tier behavior. Destroying shit just for fun. Sometimes its hard, this looks sort of fun, but you gotta resist the urge to do this type of shit.

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In general, I agree with you, but it doesn't count here. It's obviously an abandoned and run down building, we have a lot of those in my town from back when manufacturing was booming in the 50s. Now it's nothing but a chunk of town filled with empty industrial buildings slowly getting strangled by plants. If anyone wanted to buy or use the land, they'd need to demolish.

There's no big deal in this situation. If they were wrecking something that people used or was maintained, then you'd be right.

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It's a dump and obviously should be bulldozed. They may have saved a bum's life in a heavy windstorm at some point in the future.

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It's crumbling commie block garbage. It's not like anybody actually owns that building.

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Standing ruins have more value than the value of the gratification received by tearing them down.

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I believe the main problem is the distribution of wealth in Russia.

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Two niggers downvoated you. Sigh.

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Who's going to clean the mess?

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O blyat

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The Russians are special people.

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Touched but not by Catholic priests

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Probably Muslims.

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This is what being a teenager is supposed to be.

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Yes and no. 70s and 80s (and earlier, I guess), but we didn't vandalize shit this bad.. I think I understand what you mean. We had fun. But we didn't drop a building. At least I didn't.

I was underage fleeing from five cops in a supposed "stolen" pickup truck. I was going over 100 MPH drunk. That was fun. No one got hurt. I pulled over. The cops let me go home. That was happier times.

Fuckers did steal my buck knife, but eh, what are you gonna do.

And my grandma gave me that buck knife. So, a bit of angst on that one.

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That crumbling "building" was an accident waiting to fucking happen. Reducing it to rubble was a community service.

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As long as they own the building, I have no problem with it.

If they do not own the building, I would support the death penalty.

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Russians doing what they are best at; avoiding darwin awards. Once saw a video of a fucker fall hundred meters off a crane and survive, I think Russians are built to last.

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Competing for Darwin Awards. This guy lost, but many don't.

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