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I can hear the Mexican accent in the f**k Donald Trump crowd. Typical mexicunts: ignorant, pop-culture gulping, ungrateful twats. In grade school I would watch these types marveling at how stupid And recklessly cliche these girls were. This was before I had any bias. I was a very naive child whose parents raised me to be kind to everybody. And yet even with that mentality I could see there was something severely wrong with this demographic.

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That's how I was raised.. completely colorblind. Call it ignorant, call it stupidity, my parents came from all white and didn't know how dumb all the other average poc is.

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It is extremely tragic that this is the direction white culture is heading. I teach my children to give everybody a chance, but never turned their blindside to anyone; you just don't know who's gonna shank you ... but most will.

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'completely colourblind'

Racism is racism.

Reality is colourblind.

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Let the commie faggots keep destroying the star, it must really chap the pedo kikewood leaders collective asses when they have to spend money to fix it.

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You think the kikes pay for it?? I guarantee some way the goy pays for it all

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Estimate was $3000 - $10,000 to fix it last time.

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They should make the next one glow, with spinning lights, BEST HOLLYWOOD STAR EVAAAAA!!!

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Intolerant non-white gets into someone's face, says racial slurs, starts fight, lose fight. "fucking white people"

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Why do people waste time at the star? We ignore things that matter, like the Federal Reserve and Soros. We are so easily distracted.

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Good point. But the people need to know that we aren’t intimidated by them and that we’re ready to hold the line

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That is also true. They are a minority by far, but the MSM has them thinking they are the majority.

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Pocs are such an oppressed people

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Los Angelers, the armpit of California.

Full of spics, niggers and libtards. A subhuman paradise.

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It is spreading north to Santa Barbara. Me and my family where walking to the beach and some mexicunt approached us to sell stolen headphones. I said "No". He said something like "fuck you rich white people on vacation!" I'm not even white I'm comanche/mexican.

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I lived in sb for a couple of years. I saw it coming, it will spread.

There is a reason earl Turner chooses the hills of sb (rattlesnake canyon) as the beachhead for the white ethnostate.

The Turner diaries. Read it

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People still amaze me in good ways. But I guess the wealthy coastal cities are likely more Republican because those areas look clean and maintained. But I was walking down main street in Newport with my niece who's been conditioned by the SJW bullshit to just bash Trump for everything he says and does. Said something about Obama being an angel so I brought up Fast and Furious and to my amazement, a woman walking in front of us turns and points out some other fact about it to my niece. I just gave her a solid high-five and some kind words and then she turned back around and kept walking with her friends. My niece says, "Well if that's true it not as bad as Trump being a racist."

My point is you run into people on the street, just depends on the area you are in.

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You can recognize them. They're clean, shaven, and tattoo free

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Newport is an island of hope in southern california.

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If LA is the armpit, SF is the asshole

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if you let a brownie get that close you already fucked up

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I always though mace and pepper-spray where just shameful tools for pathetic pussies. But seeing these ignorant fuckheads beat their chests and feel proud just because there are 20 people patting them no the back who are equally retarded. Makes me want to just use bear mace on that entire group and laugh as I walk away.

"This is America, I'll say what I want, I'll stand where I want to."

Isn't that exactly what Trump supporters are doing, you'd deny another man the same right which you in the same moment demand for yourself. Sign of an intelligent and rational person right there... Fucking double-think asshats.

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I don't know. There is some logic in destroying or killing your enemies.

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Well, I must admit, they made some very salient points in their argument. It is hard to counter a debate of such an intellectual caliber.

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It should be countered by another caliber.

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