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"...this is conquered land."

She's 100% right.

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Once the mudslimes engage in full control those police cucks will be forced to suck their dicks after they fucked their women.

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Poor tradthot can't find a good man? She looked better before pumping her lips full of Botox.

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So she's breaching the peace by making other people breach the peace first? That makes so much sense.

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go tell it to sharia policeman, he will stone you

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I hope he has the good shit.

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You'd think that a breach of the peace would be defined as taking things beyond words to the point of physically endangering someone or at the very least the potential for destruction of property. If it's being used in the manner shown in the video though all you need to do is show a willingness to chimp out and everyone has to bend the knee to you. It's literally state enforced terrorism so she's 100% correct in saying we have sharia law in Lakemba and that it's a no go zone.

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Koranimals waving ISIS flags, screaming behead those who insult islam like a bunch of war mongering depraved pedophilic violent lunatics, attacking Australian police https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=G5F6JBcLZ0g Mass deport?

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Problem with mass deport is that you have to find a place where to deport them, it's not impossible but it's bothering in many cases, countries of origin often refuse to take them back

Chinese put muslims in reeducation camps forcing them to drink alcohol and eat pork

But of course you need a coersive mechanism/military, worth its salt, like in china, to be able to carry out that task, because they won't eat their daily dose of pork and beer peacefully, they won't just stand by idle while this happens, so you need real teeth and claws

I think if you start to do that the vast majority of them will leave on their own while they still can

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This makes me really sick in the gut.... Those weak people don't "own" any part of this country. They have no right here ... they don't care about the people who lived longer then them on this land.

That police officer needs to be investigated for corruption, he is in on it too. Those cunts in Lakemba are weak and are making their own lives harder by isolating themselves and not assimilating.

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By punishing cuckery they;ve earned it. And they own it because they are stronger than the weaker pieces of shit they conquer. May every feminist vagina be ravaged for all eternity.

I want acid attacks on every corner. Let the reaping begin.

European white males are pathetic pieces of shit and they just keep proving it. That's what the world sees. You guys are weak as shit.

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Remember the 60 minutes journalist blonde that got gang raped by mudslimes in the middle east ? That pretty much could happen in this no go zones, thats why these fucks try and stop her to go there.

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We are seriously in trouble

What is police doing ???

What are politician doing ???

They will be cursed for generations by both islamic and the remaining western population

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We are seriously in trouble

That is why we named ourselves the /v/EmergencyNation

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Only male citizens get to vote.


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Another example where multiculturalism can't exist.

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Sharia law 100%. Carpet bomb the entire area.

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