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Cohen commited a felony by attemping to purchase a gun using a false statement.

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Like “grossly negligent” to just “extremely careless” for Hillary.

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Us rednecks have always been and will always be ten steps ahead of jews. Remember how we tried to warn ya'll about niggers decades ago?

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By that standard the Dems were way ahead on niggers.

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ain't that a fucking truth.

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have always been and will always be ten steps ahead of jews

If that's the case, why are they running the country?

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Fella looked Turkish or Armenian.

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Yeah its bad when you can't remember waht sterotypes are real an what you put out to mess with the goy.

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Kibbutz Jew comes to America to intentionally insult us, and belittle our culture for shekels.

10/10 would Gas on sight.

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My feelings exactly. He has a cousin in Hollywood with the same last name who is known to drug women on dates.

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Kike Cohen has only one accent. Faggot isn't even funny.

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About 10 years ago I met Ken Davitian on a film set. He played Asimat Bagatov on Borat. (The Fat guy). For the record he is a super cool and nice man. People in Hollywood never badmouth other people as a rule for self preservation. I could tell he was holding back something. After a few drinks on a Terrance, he told me that SBC almost got him and the whole film crew murdered when they were in Harlem. SBC walked up to a very mean looking gang of black men and called them the "N" word to their faces. There was a pause before they decided to laugh it off instead of shooting the whole film crew.

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Was the "N" word nigger? Nigger is just a word. By giving it a mystifying status of something you can even talk about, gives it power. Racist would still hate black people if throughout history "Blippie" was used instead of nigger. This is what the founder of Papa John's was talking about. Nigger is a word.

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Works both ways though. If you normalize it, it weakens it as an insult.

It's like the word "fuck." Used to be a big deal. Got overused, and now no one cares.

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Saying nigger in real life might get you jumped, but there's no reason to be afraid of using it on the internet.

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don't censor yourself. what the fuck, man?

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sorry cohen, the goyim aren't as jew-blind as they were back in 2004. your shtick is over.

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betcha the jew fuck has armed guards

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there's the unfunny hollyweird criminal British Globalist Jew! Open Borders for Saudis and Israel !!

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