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It amazes me that reddit loves this guy so much, like hes a fucking white male doing shit that niggers couldnt do in 5 thousand years, and even to this day!

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Maybe reddit is made up of multiple demographics of users instead of some strawman you've created.

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You'd never tell by looking at the front page.

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What straw man? The fact that Reddit is controlled by insane communists that hate white people?

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Spez is a strawman? And, Philippe create him?!?

Damn you Philippe!

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Some "strawman", my ass!

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i dont like this faggot videos either, too mainstream, hes also a bitch that gets butthurt when someone mirrors his videos

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Don't forget to turn on closed captions.

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Or youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --embed-subs https://youtu.be/DP0t2MmOMEA

The --embed-subs option also works to embed captions into an existing file you've already downloaded. Without it, you get a separate subtitle file that not all video players load automatically.

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Dude, that info is fucking gold, thank you!

I'm super tempted to build a simple CLI/GUI frontend for personal use, or are there any that already exist that you can reccomend?

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Yes, you are one.

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So thats how the underwater roman cement is made.

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Contrary to popular myth, they still don't know how Roman concrete was made. There are some recipes which are believed to be close. But to date we don't know how to make Roman concrete and have been unable to make something close enough which can last thousands of years while retaining structural integrity.

When people say "make modern Roman concrete" they actually mean a recipe which they believe is close in composition but which still fails to be close to the original.

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I know how it was made. The majority of population does not. Anyone with a firm grasp of Thermal Dynamics and metallurgy knows how to make Roman concrete.

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Oy vey! This is white privilege! He will make death camp for Jews next! Stop him!

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oy vey white people halp!!!

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Cement in all its forms is magical. Before humans really got evil I wager some poor genius on the back of some great span of nowhere with plenty of water and particular carbons would have built steps directly into heaven.

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Like the tower of Babel?

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Why aren't jungle niggers doing this? They could be kangz again! Why?

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Abbos burned Australia's jungles, it did not turn out well

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When was the last time you invented cement?

[–] lexsird 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Every time I don't drink enough water and get plenty of fiber.

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Hardwood ash is also a great fertilizer -- much more practical use.

[–] Lundynne 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

Ridiculous. Has it ever occurred to you that there are multiple uses for different items?

[–] hels 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Are you trying to say we should use this 48 hour process to make 3 inch cubed blocks of concrete? I gave a much more practical use of hardwood ash (as stated in my post).

Please inform me why I should use my hardwood ash to make 3 inch cubes of concrete instead of fertilizer for my vegetables.

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