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Good job grandma, people who throw trash out of their cars like that need to be told!

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Agreed, a good woman- I just hope she doesn't approach the wrong nigger on the wrong day and get something done to her. We all know how niggers are, you call them out on their savagery and they react like savages.

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You could tell that nigger wasn't happy just letting it be either.

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They need to have it thrown back in their car.

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Great post, I really wish it had sound

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Need to be hanged.

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No, they just need to be shot, is it really that difficult to take the trash out of the car when you get home?

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I remember one time on the L one evening this nigger was eating his quarter pounder with cheese and fries. When he finished he threw his trash on the ground. Little did the coon know but I took the bag and placed it in the hood of his hoodie. When he walked off the train we all had a nice little giggle imagining his surprise when he got off and pulled his hood up. It probably didn't change the littering part but hopefully it angered him enough to kill another pavement ape on his way to his crack house.

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That last sentence made me crack up way too hard, just how casual it is

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Voat is a god send for me. Many times I’m kidding but many times it’s truly how I feel. Take your pick which one this was

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For those who don't know: The "L" is referring to the "elevated train". You from Philly, or do they use this terminology in other parts of the country as well?

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Chicago actually.

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I like your point of view.

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That girl Granma caught dumping...she could be white trailer trash many of them now speak nignog hoodrat jive speak

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But I doubt I know that nog through and through!

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Niggers are far and away the worst litterers on the planet.

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Go to Africa..... they turn everything to trash they are given.

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I went through atlanta and memphis a couple times, i can imagine.

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Niggers love to litter though

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Yep, I seen whole yards just filled with trash

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Sweet little old lady. I hope she carries for when one of the niggers she tells to behaves chimps out on her.

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Stoopid niggers throw trash everywhere.

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And yet the driver totally misses the point, instead fixating on "They just opened my door! How dare they invade my space to show me my own bad behavior - how dare they!"

No self-awareness at all. They learn nothing, even when it's rubbed in their noses. Even a dog would figure that one out.

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Shit, must be in a white neighbourhood driving with doors unlocked like that

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