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Ok, thanks for the info nigger.

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Notice how all the liberals he calls racist are white liberals?

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That's because he hasn't been to voat.

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Theyre not all worthless trash. That being said I wouldnt welcome him into the family.

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Ah hell, he can come to the bbq.

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buy keep his hands off the white women

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As entertainment.

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That's a bit much.

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Black people aren't people, they are victims. Unless they disagree with us, in which case they are Uncle Tom's.

-Every Liberal Plantation Owner, Ever.

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Liberals have a serious race problem

Let's get shit real here, racial slurs are flying left and right on voat, race realists, white nationalists, and anti immigration crowd, are all over the place, and yet nobody here has a race problem, nobody here is hating his own skin color because blah, nobody is encouraging ethno masochism, to the contrary, and everybody is open to ethnic/racial stats, everybody knows the score, you have the individual, and you have the stats, related to his ethnic group, and those stats tell you this or that about the odds concerning a given ethnic group in a given context

Everybody is comfortable debating around the topic, nobody is hell bent on denying a debate around those stats, nobody is in denial

Hate? Yeah of course "we" hate niggers, niggerism isn't to be encouraged in any shape or form, it ruins everything, it's the opposite of western values, and yeah fuck kikes as a whole, for being hell bent on ethnically debasing our societies since at least 1965, to serve their own interests, and fuck mudshits and their islamic supremacism already

Race mixing? Every race/ethnic group has its specific traits and history, mixing is anything but the guarantee of preservation of those traits, mixed couples are statistically less stable

Multiculturalism? No such thing, you only have cultures, and they aren't necessarily compatible, as a matter of fact they often end up at odds or outright mutually exclusive


Ethno masochists degenerates in total denial playing pretend that all of the above doesn't exist, and basically asking for anybody thinking otherwise to be persecuted in all possible ways, especially if they are white, by force of state ideally

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They really are. Lets "fight racism" by being completely racist and judging everyone by the color of their skin. That will work. Pathetic.

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blacks are incapable of doing anything for themselves

What black country would you point to as a counterexample?

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I was thinking gun control is like this too. They argue for society to change to accomodate crime instead or arguing that once we treat blacks and hispanics equally their crime rate will be the same as whites.

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I’ll embrace this kind of talk no matter where it comes from. The man is living in the belly of the beast, and putting out a video like this paints a target on him. The people looking for these type of targets are the most vindictive, disgusting, destructive, hostile and aggressive liberal minded people out there. I respect any man who speaks his piece regardless of the consequences he may later endure.

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