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This one gets it.

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"Maybe they were having a bad day?" Sweetheart they're niggers!

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I wonder if their ACTUAL violence will net them the same 20 year sentence as the white person who made threats of violence?

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Hmm i wonder what color they were...

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Omg im so shocked, it was niggers this time. That usually never happens.

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I think both sides were blacks.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ufGelrQCgpc :

4 women attack & cut a server at Applebee's restaurant and casually walk out - YouTube

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That’s a huge bitch!

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She's truly a textbook def of a "Cat-5 Sheboon".

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Applebee's is very popular with Blacks because their Lunch & Dinner menu offering are mostly greasy fried foods covered in cheese and bacon, or beef and pork dishes loaded with sauces and bread. Desert is mostly sweet sticky cakes and pies topped with ice cream and similar. In other words, the kinds of foods that Blacks naturally gravitate to. Same goes for Friendly's and Cheesecake Factory, between all three of these places, you can be SURE they will be packed with obnoxious, loud 'groids at any given time during Lunch and Dinner shoving their faces full with a phone to one ear and texting or taking selfies on the other. Avoid Applebee's it's a 'groid-magnet.

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Depends where you are I guess. Not so much around here.

I do like their French Onion soup. And they have a good orientallish salad.

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Can you see into the kitchen and watch the people preparing your meal?

If you can't, then I would not eat at that place if I were you, that's my public service announcement for the day.

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"Maybe they were having a bad day?" Nope. Nigger.

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