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its a long one, here is where it escalates

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+1 for Sticks Larkin to show up.

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Civil servants are performing a tough job. but that's no excuse for this type of Keystone Cops incompetence. These guys were so fucking clueless it's frightening. I mean these dumb motherfuckers with the shield are in the direct line of fire with the other officer behind the brick wall. After seeing this video, I'm positive that i and 3 of my friends could have approached that car with zero training and performed to the same level of efficiency they did.

Instead of eating donuts all day long, they should be training for these types of specific common situations. Whoever is in charge of this department should be fucking fired and they should hire a real sgt. who knows what the fuck he's doing and is able to communicate that to his officers and train them accordingly.

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I mean they were stupid from the get go, they allowed that woman to move in front of the guy. She was clearly shielding him and she knew he was fucked, thats why she refused to move out of the way several times, I would have tazed the guy then and there.

As for their line of fire and movement, its completely amateurish, against an enemy that knows what they were doing they would get slaughtered, you get better training from 5 minutes in the military than they have had their entire career. I guess its a combination of incompetence and being lax. I had warning signs in my brain screaming from the first minutes of their encounter.

And what the fuck is with the guy doing hip fire? I've literally never seen anyone do that...Its like its a parody.

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Shit I was thinking the dude had to be shot cuz if he wasn't he could have wiped out that entire fire team. One by shooting at them, second by them shooting each other in the back due to incompetence. It looks like beat cops showed up to support a gang unit

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I would like a shield that is 3 feet by 6 feet tall with a gun port

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the mud shark protecting it was equally disgusting.

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Shoot her stupid ass too. Toll paid

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Extremely educational. Watch the whole thing.

Next time in the same exact situation these same cops will be harder on the girl, the guy, and even the dogs. That is how police grow impatient. Why get your boss shot over a clear piece of shit?

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LEOs know when someone is hiding shit, they deal with that shit everyday.

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Video after video I see where the cops give these nigger far more leniency than they deserve... black lives matter is a joke.

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What a stupid nigger, he didn't even do anything more than driving with a suspended license. What a peace of genetic garbage. As is the fat bitch that they should have shot too for being obese and dumb.

I now have no choice but to listen to w.a.s.p. - harder faster to raise my energy levels further, and then play Astroneer to lower them.

Also, niggers are pointless. People should shoot them on sight.

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He probably had warrants is my guess.... why else would pull a gun on them

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Video description did not mention any warrants.

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the nog's arm behind the seat the whole time. The cops honestly should have been expecting this from the get go; I sure as hell was soon as I saw that arm staying behind his seat.

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Good catch, I unfortunately just assumed he was sitting like a piece of shit

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John- Do 'yall have juristriction?
TPD- Yes we do
John- And what was that?
TPD- What was what man?
John- What is the juristriction that 'yall have...

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=IzociekIWRA :

Bodycam Footage Shows Police Shootout in Tulsa, Oklahoma - YouTube

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