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When you name the jew they recoil and lash out.

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He doesn't mention whether he tried posting to 8chan.

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He mentions he shared a link to the video on /pol/.

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Yes, on 4chan.

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Dude just talks to much trying to be charming. I am not interested in spending 15 minutes learning what a casual and friendly guy he is.

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Apparently you were not interested in using the correct form of 'too' either. Are you one of the filthy kikes that downvoted this video? It has 6 ups and 3 downs as of this reply FFS.

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Wow, I'm usually the grammar Nazi, but I'm the fuck-up this time. There might be some alcohol involved. Doesn't change my opinion.

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I discovered the video We Need To Talk About The Jews several days ago by checking out the trending section of hooktube. It was a reupload and jewtube was already playing their jewish tricks - after using a proxy in a foreign country because it had a copyright strike on it in the USA I immediately tried to download it (as I do all jewtube videos, I only stream when its the only option), got about halfway through before they cut my (slow) link. Eventually I found the video mirrored on twitch.tv and then bitchute. Martyleeds33 has made many videos on a wide range of subjects, much of with I have already been exposed to, some of it new to me. Been checking out several of his videos each day since via a bookmarked hooktube link. Well today I went to see what videos I had not seen yet of interest and discovered they deleted his entire channel. The great thing is this guy already has many people that know about him, and now he has his own website to host the video files. Doesn't jewtube realize all this censorship just gets people more interested in the things we are not supposed to talk about?

He still has a Marty Leeds Live channel on jewtube. You can get all his videos on his website.