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Did you see the recent news story about 48 babies being born in 41 hours at a Texas hospital? They showed a line of moms holding their babies with their husbands standing behind their wheelchairs and there was one black lady in the middle without a man behind her.

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link? i gotta see that, such great meme material.

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They showed it on tv news. I tried searching for photos online and I didn't find the pose. I will search again to see if I can find it.

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hopefuly none of them were genitally mutilated.

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No, don't have a kid until you have at least $300,000 in assets. That's how much it would cost to raise the kid off the interest.

Meanwhile, anyone who is irresponsible enough to have a kid they can't pay for needs to be shamed!, shamed!, SHAMED! If you see a pregnant woman and you know she hasn't saved up enough money to responsibly raise the child, here's what is going to happen. She's going to apply for welfare and use YOUR money to raise her social parasite. She's going to NEED to raise YOUR taxes. (Also Here). She's going to complain about how she needs a free maternity vacation all because she didn't bother to save up before.

No, don't encourage this pregnant piece of trash. Take her to the abortion clinic IMMEDIATELY before her mistake costs us all.

OP, you are encouraging people to be irresponsible pieces of shit and by extention, that makes you an irresponsible piece of shit.

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Fertility is a complex issue, particularly when it intersects with finance and the global economy. If you demand people to pay cash in full for a child before they're born, you won't have babies, that much is certain.

I don't agree with the video in every aspect of this issue. It's a confusing time for me because I want to be a father but I can't afford it and I won't accept the risks that come with Marriage in the current year. That said, the fertility rate must rise if Civilization is to survive. Having children makes people more conservative, gives them Skin in the Game regarding the future, and if your population grows fast enough you can expand into other territories like we see alien migrant doing. I'd much rather see a new era of Mormon Colonialism than the islamification of Europe, and for that I promote fertility over doubt and insecurities.

Anything that slows the reproduction of a healthy organism is a virus.

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The premise of this video is:

  1. EVERYONE is entitled to have children. EVEN if they can't afford one.

  2. Let's just ignore the fact that we pay WAY too much for everyone else's mistake because premise #1

The dude in the video is an ADMITTED welfare queen. Yet, he wears a red shirt and claims to be a conservative. Sure, he might be conservative RELIGIOUSLY, but no true financial conservative (the only kind of conservative that really matters) is EVER going to condone buying something he can't afford.

Can't afford a sports car? OK, don't buy one. If you want one save your money.

Can't afford a child? Well, that's probably a good indication that you shouldn't have a child.

I'd much rather see a new era of Mormon Colonialism than the islamification of Europe

Ugh, you don't live around Mormons. They are every bit as bad as the dude in the video. And the only reason why they aren't Jihadist assholes like the Islamists is because we shot Joseph Smith before he could run for president. They will claim to have conservative values, but I promise, they are taking welfare for those 20 kids.

Anything that slows the reproduction of a healthy organism is a virus.

Welfare queens are a cancer. I'm 100% fine with anyone who can afford to have a child to do so, but everyone else needs to go to Planned Parenthood.

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I guess its a nice thought, but meeting a young, fertile, woman who wants that is so rare...

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=UiBB0fdiNHY :

Why You Absolutely Should Have Kids Now | The TRUTH About Having Children - YouTube

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you should have kids......!