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Antifa has doxxed 4 Proud Boy Patriots and means to do them harm. These heroes of the United States are in the streets fighting against real tyranny from a domestic terrorist organization founded, funded, and supported by liberals.

I'll say it again:

Donald Trump is a fucking coward for failing to protect his own followers from antifa.

This President is well aware of this domestic Terror threat to his supporters. How has this motherfucker allowed MASKED THUGS to specifically and violently target his own supporters without taking any action?

Pure fucking cowardice.

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Instead of simply punching those Commie faggots it would be better to unmask and identify all of them.

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Be thankful that antifa exists. Without them, it would be so much harder to get to where we're going. Sure, they're violent retards who should be killed, but not killing them right away allows them to help us reelect Trump in 2020, and gather momentum for our hard turn to the right. Really, you couldn't ask for a more perfect villain. The black masks, the cowardly behavior, their hate for America and what it stands for. The whole package is just ideal. What patriotic American isn't energized by the existence of antifa?

Plus, reread the title of this post.

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nah that's like saying violent criminals allow us to hire more police officers. Or junk food allows us to focus on opening more gyms. Or cunty feminists drive technology to create better sex robots.

You don't solve a problem by allowing it to fester. That's how gangrenous Civil Wars get started.

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You sound like a movie villain. Let the good men suffer and die and make no attempt to improve the situation, because it might result in the fruition of your ideology.

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Mommy look!! I'm a proud boy!

Yes, goyim. You sure are winning alright. You've stopped us bankers, alright. Now pay your taxes and well make sure you get all the animal lunches youd like.!!

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This is how I feel. Its the easily manipulated fighting the easily manipulated. Stop creating groups that fight each other. Make a group that calls out the bankers and the manipulators.

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I don't know... I find this really stupid from both sides. Looks like a drunken brawl in a pub as much as I am concerned.

It's Ok if you like fighting for the sake of fighting - you will always find an excuse that makes you feel good for doing it. But if you would be doing it for the actual socio-political effect, you would minimize the physical interaction to the minimum, and when you could not avoid it you would do it in a strictly organized way. Think of an organization of voluntary security guards assigned the task of maintaining law and order at the mass events legally held by the Right leaning citizens. Standard uniforms, standard equipment, organized training. Of course cooperation with law enforcement (unless they are controlled by Commies), having legal advice, gathering intelligence, planning beforehand, taking care of PR.

Otherwise it is just punching faces in the street.

Sure, I liked seeing sunshades of the Antifa faggot fly up in the air, but it still is childish and counterproductive.

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I understand your frustration, such a useless waste of energy. Nothing good will come from this confrontation other than our entertainment.

Intellectuals started this war of ideals, they can not stop it.

Blood in the street is the proof of thought.

Prove me wrong.....or buy me a beer.


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I don't know... I find this really stupid from both sides. Looks like a drunken brawl in a pub as much as I am concerned.

It's Ok if you like fighting for the sake of fighting - you will always find an excuse that makes you feel good for doing it.

I like punching authoritarian communist faggots who are trying to make me subscribe to their mass delusions, deny me free speech, deny me the freedom to practice my religion, take my guns, take my money, and take away my rights.

I also like to see other people punch them.

I guess I'm a sick fuck.

What is the alternative? Stand down and let these people tell us what to do and dictate the terms of our existence while we wait for them to lose interest and go away?

No thanks.

We tried that for 50 years. Look where it got us.

One of two things is coming.

(1) Complete surrender and submission to the leftist agenda. Just let them have their way and let them run wild and dictate the terms of your existence.

(2) Confrontation. It will not be pretty or pleasant.

If (2) makes you uncomfortable or nervous then I guess you should just go for (1).

If you can get enough people to go for (1) with you then (1) is what we will have. At some point the leftists will shut down the people who favor (2) by passing laws to make any resistance illegal.

That's the path to peaceful resolution. Everything will go fine with the leftists as long as everyone submits to their agenda.

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Exactly. If nobody showed up to oppose fagtifa then they would fizzle right out. The fact that they are being given any spotlight means they will continue to be fuckheads. Also George Soros' money probably helps too

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My perspective is more alone the lines of "if you want to talk the talk, then you need to walk the walk." Words no longer work. The extremely loud minority of liars, anti-US degenrates must be actually punched in the face because discourse no longer exists, only the destruction of commie faces.

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So we are to be afraid to wear our Trump hats in public? The media has a lot to do with this. They tried so hard to make people hate Trump and has everybody believing all conservatives are racist, Trump is racist dogs cats are racist and now shit gets violent and now the media acts dumb founded on why if they even bother covering the stories

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In all fairness, I actually am a racist. Gotta give 'em credit for getting at least one right.

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Some of the 'Soy' stupidity expressed in this thread is simply staggering. Wake up, or die in your sleep.

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Its amusing that the anti-fascists all wear black like the Italian blackshirts.

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That's crazy you're from niggertown I was raised right next to you in beanville

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For the sake of the video clips we will witness, I really believe each individual Proud Boy have a designated two-camera team following them when antifa appear.

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Yeaahhhhh way to go, shitty opsec. This footage very well could get a disinterested DA re-interested.

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