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Not just any gun channel. It's the most hilarious gun channel there is. He shows that guns can indeed be FUN and not just for hunting and warding off feral niggers. Here is my favorite video of his. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpZdUgBzh7Y

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Blacks commit 70% of gun crime. Spice another 24%. Won't see that on the MSM will we?

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Matt is a standup guy.

He has three channels: Vet ranch, demolition ranch, and off the ranch.

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Essentially what's happening is YouTube is "crowdsourcing" their moderation. When videos get flagged enough times, (by a brigade team) YouTube doesn't do anything themselves, it just trips a logic function that demonitizes the video.

What's happening isn't Google or YouTube specifically targeting these videos, but this shadow-cabal of flaggers going around and mass-flagging and even brigading people that they don't like. Certain celebrities like Pewdiepie have enough pull and clout to get them overturned much more easily than your regular youtuber though, and he regularly has to. He's even covered some stupid twitch slut essentially getting paid to "copystrike" his video and earning money when she does it.

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this shadow-cabal of flaggers

Like I said, these are the biggest problem.

Sheer number of libtarded goyim. And all of these "youtube moderators" are western european/americans, like all of them, because that's just how it is (like how 90% of redditors and other forum are west EU/Americans).

It's funny how they keep getting free passes because of the brainwashing excuse (if brainwashing is so easy Hungary would be a libtarded country before UK since Soros was born there). Here's a simple truth, the majority of western European/American "productive age" humans are a threat of humanity because they believe in "western progressive" ideology and are addicted to virtue signaling. It's a cultural weakness. It's not like everyone else outside the western sphere are racist bigoted and shit, but there's certain "genetic defect" or flawed trait commonly found in "whites" in libtard nations these days, such as "getting offended for the sake of other group (how many of these idiots are getting slammed by the minority they pretended to defend lol)," "the craving of virtue signaling cred through social media usage," "moral highground SJW behavior," "white knighting/soy boy feminist," etc that are not found in every other groups/tribes. Just google that cuck Trudeau and his Bollywood cosplay, watch the droves of real Indians who live in India mocking him, and realize the problem with "progressive western" forced-inclusion bullshit.

That's why the Chinese used to word "white left," not "jew left" because most local jews (and jew mutts) in China do not subscribe to "western progressive" libtardation, but the "American/UK" expats do. Doesn't matter if it's American goyim, they seem to think that businesses should hire niggers for the sake of political correctness.

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That guy is slightly annoying but seems cool enough.

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I could watch this guy forever...

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You make a post about his videos being demonetized but post a hook tube link? That doesn't help him at all, if people reading this thread view his videos that haven't been demonetized on hook tube he still doesn't earn any money.

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hooktube is shit anyways. If you're smart enough to use adblockers what's the problem with visiting youtube?

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>implying all adblockers are the same.

uBlock Origin or GTFO.

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Hooktube buffers slow as fuck. I always just change the url back tp youtube. Fuck any faggots who use hooktube.

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Goyim, don't you realize that guns are a threat to (((our democracy)))?

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