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Obama got his because he was black.

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god damn affirmative action

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Modern College students are actually very dumb. Higher education is no longer about education and becoming a better person. It's how well can you cheat without getting caught while enjoying a 5 Star Resort for 5 years. Yes 5 years, not 4.

I returned to school after 8 years to get an MS, my professors are shocked I actually do the work and can think for myself. My peers who skipped working and went directly into their grad program are more focused on getting the answer key and pencil whipping their way through.

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Morons and imbeciles. This is who we have enrolled in college.

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Higher Ed used to be something for people who desired to learn more and better themselves. Now it's basically Party freshman year and drop out sophomore. I've had this conversation with one of the older staff and he said basically what you said. Along with how women are dangerous now, especially the younger ones(open door policy and viable cameras in his office).

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It depends 100% on the course. STEM is still largely a merit-based field.

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I knew a guy who studied pharmacy and couldn’t understand how I knew more than him, without a degree.

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To be be fair no one can really explain why obama and gore got nobels....

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I think the reason Gore got his was his work spreading climate change awareness. Which seems hypocritical since Gore takes private jets. Obama does not have reason aside from the Nobel committee falling for the hype. To be honest, I don't think world leaders should be given the peace prize. Only common people should be the ones that get it.

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and still no one knows why Dumbo got a Nobel. They'll be asking the exact same thing in 100 years.

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He got it for all those vacations he took.

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Thats as reasonable as any other excuse they could come up with.

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I believe Obama got his for the drone attacks he hadn't ordered yet. Oh, and for sending more troops to Afghanistan as his plan for getting out.

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Don't forget closing Gitmo.

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And for getting elected.

(edit : and voting "present" on difficult issues)

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Member when college girls were hot?

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kill all students.

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These youths will either be killed in the coming American Civil War, or they will be ultimately red-pilled.

Either way, this kind of shit will not exist in 5 years.

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It's classic. Students don't know. 5 years. EXACTLY. I'm REALLY good at math.

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what an overdramatic faggot you are - coming civil war? nigger are you retarded?

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Burn all colleges to the ground

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Global suicide, That's the thing.

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Students prove once again how little mental aptitude the actually have, full of Political Correctness and Pinko Commie Ideals, and not much else. Many have no ability to reason, question or think for themselves and what little they do know is parrot learned, Trump Bad, O'Bummer Good. O'Bummer, got his for the "No We Cant" campaign run over 8 years

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