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You don't understand? Is your gf a virgin? If not, your lack of understanding makes more sense.

You can wash away the coco butter hand lotion but you can never wash away the shame.


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I'm still waiting for you to address my point?

You say dating black people nullifies any other good qualities about a person. Even if they are aligned ideologically with you.

You are a fool if you think you are any different than the far left.


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youre right, yes, her sucking on sand nigger cock nullifies her contributions. she is shapeshifter getting her 15 minutes of fame off the pathetically thirsty loser alt right incels.

hmm. actually, let me be more clear. its not that it invalidates her involvement, it just simply means that all things done by her should be taken with a grain of salt and viewed with caution. She is an attention seeking whore who only seeks to align herself with the tribe she currently thinks will win, as all women do. sure, its great to let her further the cause, but not to mistake her for an actual ally. She should hang with the rest.

I am an egalitarian, i treat men and women equally... if you are guy and you suck a dick, you dont just get to say... "but but trust me, im really a white nationalist hetero monogomist!" you are still a faggot. same with women, you dont lay with a different species and expect to come out of it a pure princess. What i dont like about her is her shapeshifting. if she was honest and wore her whoredom proudly, i would at least respect that, but she lures men in with her look of innocence.

aside from all of that, what is your position and why do you believe it? Do you really believe all races are equal? do you know what evolution is? now, address my questions.. i suppose i understand why you want to believe in civic nationalism if maybe your gf used to get blacked or your sister is a whore or something, or maybe youve got a poc infestation in your family.. I just dont see the merits of a global meritocracy for me and my family. I mean, we wouldn't be here if it wasnt for the faith in a meritocracy

ahh yes, being called a fool by a nigger lover, voat really is getting a lot of the donald faggots lately.