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  1. The nigger see's the success of whites and believes it's now theirs for the taking. They do not realize that there's work that goes into it. Just look at what's happened to the government.

  2. How in the fuck does Southern not say it's genocide? Does she not know the definition?

  3. I wish so bad that I could transport weapons, fly an apache, etc, and decimate the SA nigger infestation. They are pathetically child-like in their understanding of how to run a country. I.E. 3M people paying into a welfare system of 13M. Why don't they just print billions of dollars and give it to everyone. . .wait.


[–] TheSeer 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

Does she name the problem as (((Communism))) and who introduced it to the Bantus??? No? I wonder why she would leave that out?


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She's a cucknada citizen isn't she? That's pretty much an immediate jail sentence. And for what? Nobody in cucknada will do shit if she gets arrested. Very little outcry. She'll be serving jail for no reason.

That or she doesn't know or works for them.


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Someone did indeed introduce communism in South Africa, and it would be nice if we could stop the spread. I also wonder why that's left out. 123


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Gotta wake people up to one thing at a time. If she went full in, nobody would care about the rest of the content.