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this is the point where he can say "I have no son!!" and he might even be able to get the crowd cheering

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He should stab dr phil and rape the tranny

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rape the tranny

That sounds unhealthy. You have no idea where that thing's been or what it's fucked.

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rape the tranny


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rape the tranny

@zyklon_b what the fuck is wrong with you?

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You usually give bad advice. In this case you only gave illegal advice. Upvoated for best impression of a jewish lawyer.

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Why on earth would he ever agree to that being broadcast?

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Dr Phil is a piece of shit.

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Not to defend Dr. Phil, but the father made the choice to be on the show

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That could be it alright. Fairly horrible trick to play if so.

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Probably for green paper with pictures on it.

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(((money))) is root of all evil

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Those are actors.

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The dad's a good actor in that case.

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Dr. Phil is the biggest douche on the planet. As a megadouche I know douches.

[–] zyklon_b [S] 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Yes you do...uche...

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I just vomited in my mouth from that joke being so fucking bad.

C'mon B, I know you can do better than that! Have a rough Sunday or something?

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All of this shit is fake.

Don't you all know better than to think that talk shows are anything but a business that employs young actors and actresses. It's just rag bag chatter for the masses.

These are not real stories. This is not reality television.

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It seems that people will never be able to separate reality from entertainment. Even after the millions of times it has been proven. The flickery box continues to mesmerize the masses.

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Everything on TV is fake. Hell even some of those awesome nature shows are filmed in zoos.

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This one was so obvious and on the SJW talking agenda, but people are commenting on how it affects them... THIS is psychological manipulation at its finest.

Propose the situation, model the expected behaviors/reactions, see the viewer through a resolution that benefits the "moral" outcome that the psychologist has deemed to be the "positive" result.

It's such a fucking head-shrink, it makes me want to punch some clay. (Or just clean my firearms.)

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wouldn't that make it reality tv?

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I like the way you think.

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If a human are pre-wired to have a functioning cock and balls yet want to be a woman, the man is obviously diseased or mentally deranged.

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Filthy kiketube deletes my comments.

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You are shadowbanned.

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That's what they usually do, but no they deleted a comment of mine because even I couldn't see it.

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Fuck that. Should have honor killed that abomination.

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Good idea

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You can see the deeply guarded emotional erection the mutant is experiencing.

A severely sick man allows himself to feel stimulation and joy desecrating his natural order and forever scorching the landscape of his fathers heart.

The father will never be whole again, and I believe that was an integral part of this faggots "transition"....you can see it in his eyes. This moment was the zenith of satisfaction for him and he'd been building up to it for a decade.

The father could perhaps be to blame some for this....all the more reason he'll likely never heal.

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idk my dad is really upset that i came out as a 'nazi'

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Rather than be a better man, he chose to destroy what made him feel lesser. The ultimate black pill.

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The whole point was to say it's not his dad's fault. He made his own decision to embrace his feelings, that right there tells you he's not a man. He didn't look at the facts, do a cost benefit analysis, weigh pros and cons... He just felt like he wasn't a man and then proved he isn't, and that's what he wanted.

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