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You know what the worst part about locking your keys in your car outside of an abortion clinic?

Asking for a coat hanger.

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about 15 kinds of birth control and they're still selling abortion "rights" as if it was 1962. If they had have limited it to first trimester and respected the feelings of those opposed and used discretion instead of chopping up any kicking babies as long as they got there before labor was completed, they could have kept it. They were just greedy fucking money grabbers and they weren't doing anything for anyone's right to choose. They were funneling some of that money back to the DNC and probably right into Wasserjew's pocket.

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I don't think it's even about the money anymore. Abortion activism seems to have turned into a cult, with terminating the unborn as its central sacred rite that cannot be questioned.

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This is what feminism brought, it looked good at first, but give them an hand they will ask the entire body.

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There are many globalist authors that disagree on how to depopulate western civilization, but they all agree that depopulation must occur. Georgia guide stones, 500 million, one way or another.

You bet your ass it's a cult (occult). These psychos believe wholeheartedly in metaphysics while trying to push materialism on the masses. It's not about money (physical resource) they want control (metaphysical resource).

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I think that's the public reason to get people to side with it. The private position is probably so they can have stuff for satanic rituals, research, and sales to creeps.

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Ireland and now Argentina are legalizing abortion. We are losing. Once they get all the countries to agree that killing babies is OK they will come after us.

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No doubt about it. They would be killing us now if they had the opportunity and means. They have been dehumanizing people that don't agree with them for a while now. Never giving up my guns.

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This is definitely jew blood libel shit.

Every person has it in them to do a grim job. To put their head down and get
through the shit, to get it done, because they know the task has to be done.

This shit is not that. This "Duper's Delight" in action.

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You’ve never heard an infantryman describe his job before, have you? Lmao, humor is best coping mechanism my guy

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They're satanist transgensers they love killing babies

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Sick bastards every single one of them, they need their own gonads ripped off or out, then see how many of the bastards a laughing. Maybe those that work there could rip their own brains out through their noses with a coat hanger for piss and giggles.

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We need to roast them.

All of them.

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they are pure evil.

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They are worse than sick, they are controlled by demons.

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There are demons among us.

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you need to have a sense of humor to get through the work day of some jobs.

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No, no, and it certainly wasn't taken out of context either, these people are clearly just throws dart at wall of crazy shit lizards from outer space

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I'm sorry that your baby murder factory is getting shut down. Really I am. Now feminists will have to use birth control or quit being whores.

The fucking horrors, amirite?

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Maybe some jobs shouldn't be done that require jokes to bypass one's empathy.

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He's right.. You NEED humor to get through horrific times.

During World War 1, there is a story about men holding up in a trench. The officer comes around and asks if the new guy has been hit yet, people assure him that he's ok. He comes back 30min later and asks about the new guys health again. He's assured that hes ok, then he leaves. The new guy says, "Wow, our officer really likes me. Almost like a father." He was then told that the officer pulled his name for a wager that he would die first.

If you think planned parenthood jokes are bad, just think what the people working the morgue say.

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Jokes aren't about lack of empathy. They're comment on the amount of tension in society.

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People who perform autopsies chat as normal whilst dismantling the body, except for when it's a baby - then it's complete silence until the job is done.

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That holds true for paramedics, firefighters, police, soldiers and nurses. No one would think to add Abortionist to that list.

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Really, it surprises you that doctors dealing with life and death on a daily basis are on that list?

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Kikes gonna kike. The more i see, the more i start to wonder if there was a good reason their tribe has been kicked the fuck out of every land they've ever inhabited.

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