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how many dummies have died doing this?

[–] Master_Foo 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Not enough.

[–] Simonsaysgoat 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

That was awesome. I'm wasting my life.

[–] InflationSlave 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

One day they will slip on some pigeon shit and fall off. Who wasted their life? What did they gain by taking foolish risks, apart from some youtube views, which don't even pay out anymore?

[–] Simonsaysgoat 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I was being sarcastic. They are fucking idiots

[–] Spectral 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

This is an obvious setup, you can easily tell by how professional their cinematography is and the fact they celebrate at the end when everything went well.. They've probably done a hundred dry runs before this. I actually liked it.

[–] bonhomme2012 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

My fucking hands are sweating!