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The weird part is how Oprah never apologized for this and she got away with it.

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For what exactly?

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Think there's a connection between what she talks about and all the missing kids? I mean a lot of those missing kids are clearly dead. On a side note that's clearly Jonah Hill in drag.

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The synagogue of Satan doing satanic rituals and sacrifices have subverted all levels of society. Their transgressions of spiritual wickedness has reached to others that have not received the protection of the Holy Spirit and are weak and lost.

That is why we must not focus on fighting the synagogue and it's members, denounce it yes, but we must focus on fighting spiritual wickedness as the corruption of their foul doctrines is spread by it.

The only way to do so is to look for God through the Holy Spirit. Commune with it in order for you to talk with God and embrace the gift and grace Jesus gave to all of us that believe in him as our Savior.

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No, fuck that shit. There should be a pound of C4 sitting on the steps of every synagogue around the planet.

Killing Jews, all Jews, especially their children, is the #1 priority. They cannot be allowed to procreate, and we must ensure a reality where Jewish people protect their kids like fabrege eggs because people are so inclined to kill them so quickly and without remorse.

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Then you are just a tool of the synagogue of satan. You are falling without even knowing it as you are called upon wicked behavior to fight your cause. I am sorry to see that.

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This was a moral panic during the 80s. It was all bullshit.