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I hate to say it but Deniro was caught in a french brothel with underage girls and a member of the house of Saud. "whos vices are the loudest?" Q. I bet hes pissed because all his pedo friends are hanging from door knobs, or are waiting to be.

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Wow, this is actually true when I looked into it.


EDIT: Ehhhh double checked, probably not true.

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That was a nice frame though.

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You gotta get rid of the stain too!

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this should become a thing. Only people wiping their ass with his pics

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I feel a sense of loss while watching this video.

Hollywood movie stars used to be respected and admired, but now that's changing....because they're dropping the veil, and showing their true faces. When I see De Niro and other Hollywood stars sperging out over Trump like this, and who openly use their platform as a political bludgeon.....I despair. He's horribly damaging his own legacy, and he just seems blissfully unaware of it. Like other wealthy Hollywood elites who live in gated communities, he's completely out of touch with ordinary white working class Americans....and what their needs actually are. And what America does NOT need is more "diversity".

Maybe Hollywood was always a dark and immoral place, but it's never been so openly malicious, spiteful, and wicked. Never has the elites sheer CONTEMPT for us "peasants" been so overt.

I grieve, because it's the end of an era. All those years of great non-partisan Hollywood entertainment are gone. It's nearly impossible to find movies that are PURE enough to focus only on entertainment. All we have now is neo-Marxist Jewish social engineering and anti-white propaganda, pushed forward with a barely contained hatred.....and a thin veneer of moral righteousness.

I now realize that the true power of Trump.....is his ability to manipulate neo-Marxists into revealing the darker and more evil aspects of their personalities (which they previously managed to conceal). And I feel no joy in finally learning how vicious, petty, spiteful, unethical, and deceptive certain people can be.

What's happening now culturally is not just a phase. We'll be dealing with the same neo-Marxist bullshit in 25 years.

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well, DeNiro already got his money. It's the same as "DVD burning" ... they already got the money for it, so you're just destroying what you paid for already.

The only sensible way would be to do this on a big event, where 1000 people and media come, only then would it have an impact and get public recognition.

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1000 people and media come

I didn't bother checking the view count, but it's probably greater than 1000 by now.

[–] KnightFalcon 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

true, but no media coverage. It needs to be made an EVENT that makes headlines.

And not just about DeNiro. Also be Samanta Bee, Baldwin, ... everyone brings their DVDs and whatever else (posters?) and we all burn it. THAT will get media coverage, not just click rates on YouTube.

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I doubt DeNiro got a penny from that portrait. Looks like it was done by one of those mall artists that project a picture onto the paper and draw over it.

[–] Shitapple_samsquamsh 8 points 2 points (+10|-8) ago 

What De Niro did was an exercise in virtue signalling buffoonery that was acted out to get him brownie points with the echo chamber and throw a little 'edgy' gotchya at those he sees as the opposition. He isn't changing anybody's minds. He isn't doing anything useful. There is nobody out there who is suddenly having a 'eureka!' moment because they heard an old actor say a swear on an irrellevant awards show. He was simply singing the same old tune into his echo chamber.

And that is EXACTLY what this guy is doing with this little tantrum that he filmed. For fucks sake. De Niro pissed you off, fine! Get rid of his picture off your wall. But to make a little video of you taking it out to your garbage and making a bid deal of smashing and ripping it up and then posting on social media for all to see? Fucking ultra gay. This is the exact same thing as De Niro. Just another dick head singing into his echo chamber and playing to the safe crowd.

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idk the difference between this guy and deniro is this guy doesnt have a giant fan base. hes just expressing himself

[–] Shitapple_samsquamsh 5 points -1 points (+4|-5) ago 

So was De Niro. Both were publically expressing their feelings, both have the right to do so. Both are fucking morons.

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Fuck you and the little faggots sucking your dick on this one. It's cultural warfare and perception is reality. You little faggot cucks don't like him trashing the pic, go suck your girlfriend's boy friend's dick. This is war nigger bitches, get with it or get fucked.

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Ultra-gay; exactly. What is this grown man doing with a portrait of some faggot actor hanging up on his wall?

This man is a symptom of this sickness we have- worshiping these degenerate hollywood faggots. Stop it. It shouldn't take him saying something mean about Trump for a grown adult to NOT have a portrait of some stranger hanging in his home. Fucking ridiculous.

The kicker- the guy in the video and the people cheering him on really care about what DeNiro and other hollywood faggots have to say. WHY!? They hate you. They hate your way of life. They hate your family, your friends- the only thing they like about us is our money. Grow up and drop the hero worship- worship WORTHY heroes, not faggots who play dress-up for a camera.

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Fuckin' amen. It's all the same shit.

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Take de niro's pic into a starbucks and shit on it.

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There really are some good New Yorkers. Life must be difficult for them.

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