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Also to be clear, it's the black man + white woman combination that's really being pushed. All other combinations being shown in the media are just there to lie and say that all combinations are being celebrated.

edit. The zionists are going for the women to wipe out the white race.

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The irony is that data from dating sites indicates it's among the least likely and desirable. From memory, White women are second only to black women as the gender/racial group with the strongest preference for dating within their race. The White woman + black man combo is so innately repulsive that it requires a tidal wave of relentless propaganda to try to normalise it.

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What they say on a dating site and what they do when they're drunk down at the club at 2 AM are two different things.

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"b-b-b-b-but muhhhh le BLACKED and muhhhh brothalovers!!!!!! Waaaah!"

Liberal cucks.

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Every mullato I've met has some kind of mental issues.

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Because being mixed race sucks and is a really shitty thing to do to your kids. They have no sense of belonging to either group

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True--Stats do show they have higher mental problems

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They know women are most susceptible to this lie. It will take a gereration of regret.

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They know women are most susceptible to this lie.

Females are biologically hardwired to be more vulnerable to a lot more than men, which is why we're emburdened with their protection. That's also why here in the west, the 'masculine' in male individuals is being attacked in favor of the 'effeminate', and/or in favor of never developing and remaining like a child. Males in the west are becoming more female-like, or infant-like, and thus more suceptible to male-like institutional authority.

Through social engineering, (((Insitutions))) have literally been meant to replace and diminish the masculine, male individual. Think for a sec of all the roles that the welfare-state plays in single motherhood. The attacks are on whites, and on the nuclear family. Males which should be protecting females are being (((told))) to abdocate responsibility by the likes of "MGTOW", or to just give up and mix outside their race with say asians.

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There is also embedded in miscegenation this idea of biological fitness, with references to inbreeding but no mention of outbreeding depression.

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Black man and white woman on the cover of every magazine. White women if you go there you're done. Hope you like it because you're not welcome back.

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false, here will always be pathetic white "nu-males" that would LOVE to virtue signal about being "open minded" enough to raise a mixed baby. Of course those are just paycheck/income husbands, she still gonna see Trayvonne behind his back.

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Remember the French female collaborators and what happened after France was liberated.

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Name the Jew already for fuck's sake. Turning everyone in to a same colored mutt is the objective of the Jew. It's in their fresh fucked Towel Mud and it spells out why the fuckers are pushing it via their media influence and political influence.

The more you know about the modern Jew, the more everything makes sense but is damn disturbing.

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The (((Jews))) are not mixing their race, are they?

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Jews have and do/ are mixing with other races --- in their host Nations with certain advantages they can only get in those Nations, but they will never have equal rights and advantages as the "pure" Jews that live in Israel. The Jews in Israel have a legislation forbidding the mixing of their race, any Jew that mixes with another race faces a death penalty after they've been tortured and some times forced to eat their own children if it was a mixed baby they created.

Jewish laws in host countries though, if they mix and marry outside their race, the law is that the woman if she was not originally Jewish, after marriage she is considered Jewish. Famous porn star Jenna Jameson is one-such "lucky" girl who did so well in the porn industry, a Jew had to have her, married, and now she's all over Twitter making rants and uses the fact that she's Jewish now as a shield from those who would criticize her. Donald Trump is considered an "honorary Jew" for his daughter being married to a Jew (and his daughter now is also considered a Jew since she married a Jew.)

So it seems the agenda here, or I guess you could call this a conspiracy theory. But anyways look at Jenna Jameson & Ivanka Trump, they are both beautiful, blonde women. It could just be me, but this might be a trend that we'll see more often. I bet blonde & blue-eyed children are pretty damn expensive on the black market, but the trend we might see if we actually looked hard enough is that they'd go towards wealthy Jews, it seems to me that Jews are after some of that Aryan DNA to mix with, and/ or possibly study, and then dispose of.

Israel is more like a breeding ground than an actual Nation or Country if you asked me. The plan is to probably expand eventually into the future with Jewish Colonialism to take over Europe and all other Nations with Aryan-Jewish children as the future for Jews.

What are your thoughts on that conspiracy theory?

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They are very much against race mixing for themselves. In Israel they say it is very important for Jews to only mate with Jews or they will dilute and lose their race.

If the goyim are gone, whose creativity will they plagiarize? Not well thought out plan.

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Shapeshifters by race mixing trade.

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They shouldn't name the jew. If we are to win these culture wars, we must be careful not to give ((them)) the weapons to destroy the movement. Blue-pilled people are too far off to eat to jew-pill. We must keep it clean for the normies.

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This war is not going to be won in the culture. We - the right - are going to need to eject very large numbers of black and brown people from this nation. They have declared war on our constitutional republic so they are rightfully considered enemy combatants. I do believe Donald Trump's military will accomplish that.

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I consider this woman to be a valuable warrior.

Real heart.

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Red ice is a real shining beacon in all this darkness

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If I see a black male/white female, well it's their individual choice, what can I say. I strenuously object to the social engineering we are experiencing however. In TV shows and commercials and in films white males are dumb losers nowadays, compared to strong smart women and minorities. The BM/WF pairing appears over and over as exemplary.

In general blacks get a lot of promotion in media. If you look at TV commercials you'd think the US is majority black. You could argue they are marketing to a growing market, but I also see this as social engineering.

Unfortunately this programming may soon just become the new normal. Personally, it bodes ill for white males like me. (And for black females.)

Also I feel the baby Daddy/baby Momma setup common in modern black culture is also becoming more prevalent. I think raising children in traditional M/F families works out better.

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Personally, it bodes ill for white males like me. (And for black females.)

Yes goy, go for the ebony. She'll give you the welfare and you won't live in poverty!

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I strenuously object to the social engineering we are experiencing

Yeah, one of the central issues here, is how much of the predicament has been 'made to be'. In order to fight it, (((social engineers))) must be delegitimized. The Entertainment and News media are two huge culprits.

If I see a black male/white female, well it's their individual choice, what can I say.

There's a lot you can say. This is touchy, but marrying along racial lines must appeal both to people's reasoning skills and their emotions. Things must go back to being socially enforced, as the cost of enforcing partnership by emposing tyranny is so insanely high. It's a much easier natural norm to get back to once the engineers are deligitimized, especially when they're coming off as more & more mentally ill.

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Well, I think the social disapproval should better come from family, friends, and peer group members. I'm not about to accost a mixed race couple walking down the street. Actually I try not to glare at present.

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I don't think it'll last.. I can see why it might seem that way though..A lot of new powers are rising and old ones are falling.

The reason why it's working right now is because a previous old power is slightly falling and a new power is trying to take over with their own beliefs. But in a generation or two? the power that's pushing this agenda will also fall just like others, it's already proving it's not working in many places.

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Hope so.

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Recently I heard a theory I find plausible but depressing that men want to be the winning team and women want to be on the winning team.

Long long ago when two tribes fought, the winner would exterminate the males and take the females as wives or concubines. So a male could only pass on his genes if his tribe won, but a female had to be able to accept life in the new tribe.

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Long long ago when two tribes fought, the winner would exterminate the males and take the females as wives or concubines.



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Oh yeah, I remember that thread now, thanks for posting.

Among lions I understand when a new male takes over it kills the cubs and the female goes into heat.

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I find that plausible too. But how do you see that affecting our society today?

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White males more loyal to their ancestral genes than females (with exceptions of course, such as the woman in the video).

Media/education presents whites as flawed and celebrates blacks as wonderful. Blacks seen as more alpha, the winners.

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Color is in, has to be the new hype. Just white is something the (((media))) don't like.

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(((They))) love breeding with us. Can't imagine why.

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