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Good to see people who dare to protest a cause without hiding their faces.

I am suprised at the low key nature of the police presence. What provoked the charge against the police? I have my suspicions that the PTB where hoping that a few police might get hurt so they can go full on medieval next time Tommy's supporters gather.

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It's about de-escalation.

If you bring riot police, you will end up with a riot.

Most people won't throw a full can at a coppers head, but if he's in riot gear, it will probably only tickle him so why not

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The British police are all women and beta cucks because the UK wanted to make sure the invading fucking jihadis received a warm welcome as they began raping all the white British children.

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It's pretty obvious that the police higher up have access to these pizza parties.

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Those are English police. Their job is to make sure nobody interferes with Muslim rapists raping native children. Their job is to arrest native Brits that complain about the destruction of their country and their own genocide.

The lads should have played soccer with their fucking heads.

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One day, hopefully soon, the traitors to western civilization will be round up and dealt with.

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Ok holy shit.... That's a lot of people.

This is the first video or picture ive seen showing a LARGE gathering... Thats fucking great.

And they are pissed... Even better. If the Feminists, Antifa, or Muslims have taught us anything. It's that violence works.

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redpill phil's other videos show more.

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Damn, you wern't kidding...

That's a shit ton of people to take the time out of their lives to come to a protest. Whatta ya think an average protestor equates to total suppport? 1,000? 10,000? Vast majority of supporters arn't gunna be able to make it to any one protest. He must have millions of supporters in the UK alone to be drawing crowds that large.

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I hope the people fought back after that charge.

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i really want to see what happens after the footage stops

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omg lol

Now imagine if he dies


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Kikes know not to create martyrs.

On the other hand, kikes are spiteful, hateful villains who often act irrationally due to their autistic tempers.

Many actions taken by the powers that be result from the conflict between these two characteristics.

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The British royal family, the politicians, and the police have betrayed the British people. If that was a crowd of muslims the pigs would have done nothing.

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You realise those faggots are relying on nothing but fear to stop the masses just walking all over them. Next protest is 14 July, I'm sure there will be lots more faggot cops.

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You realize he is calling the police faggots, right? Not the protestors.

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Oy vey

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Fucking finally.

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