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If I'm not mistaken the Sikh are inherent enemies of Muslims due to Muslims being giant cunts about damn near everything. The Sikh from what I've seen are peaceful folk but aren't too keen on being screwed with by fucking Muslims. Who can blame them?

I know they have temples in India dedicated to feeding people. It's a simple meal but it's food for the multitudes. It's hard for me to fault a peaceful people who are known for making big temples that feed the poor and hungry. Hmm.

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I've heard that Sikh's regularly have potlucks at their temples and open it up to anyone to come and eat. They worship a false god, but at least they aren't cunts.

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All gods are false gods. They're just medieval memes for getting everyone to play on the same set of moral rules.

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Afaik they follow the teachings of Guru Nanak, who they expect to lead them to a generic monotheist "god."

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Yes Sikhs and Muslims have a very violent/bloody history, Muslims invaded India. Europe's crime/rape gangs SPECIFICALLY target whites and Sikhs.

Sikhs believe that there is only one God but that this is the God of ALL religions. No single religion can claim to be the only true way to "Waheguru", and different religions are just different ways towards "Waheguru".

"Waheguru" is a term in Sikhism to refer to God, the Supreme Being or the creator of all. It means "Wonderful Teacher".

(sikhs dont care about what ethnicity or religion another person is. they are into mutual harmony. All over the world white people, black people, east asians...they come to Sikh temples ALL the time, to check them out. anyone can hang and eat free food. Sikhs also dont "push/promote" religious ideals onto anyone).

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They blew up plane leaving Canada and killed hundreds of people. They bashed in the skull of a politician in Canada and killed the editor of a newspaper in Canada.

All of it coming from the largest diaspora Sikh community which is in Surrey, BC. so like the rest of them, as soon as there;s enough of them to breed their own culture they kill.

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This, When all is said and done we still need to deport all foreigners to their home countries and preserve the real human balance. Its all well and good to acknowledge that these shitskins are not as bad as those other shitskins but they are not white and they are not westerners, remove them all or we will all perish at their hands eventually.

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Wasn't there some context for that, like Canada siding with India over suppressing Sikh independence or something?

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There will be a few assholes in any group.

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The Sikh are wonderful people, who are indeed very peaceful (usually?), and who are also not big fans of Muslims.

Just remember, they're 7/11, not 9/11.

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Sikhs are more based than western Christians. They've been waging peace with the mums for centuries

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Sikh’s are the the good guys. They held India for the British Empire and where rewarded with the chance to emigrate to the UK and start better lives.

They are as fucked off as the rest of the real British about a bunch of uneducated, hate filled mudslimes fucking things up for them as well.

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From what I've seen Sikhs are good people.

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The Sikh are awesome.

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Voat's constant fellating of Sikhs fucking angers me. Firstly they're dirty shitskins.

More importantly look at the gender birth rates in the parts of India where they live. They selectively abort female fetuses in HUGE NUMBERS.

They hate Muslims and that's great, but all of them should go back to shitting in the streets of India. Fuck the lot of them and fuck anyone who "respects" these abortion loving, baby-girl hating shitskins.

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Let's glass the muzzies first and see if the rest sorts itself out. If not, then we'll keep on working.

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They also love killing Muslims, I respect them for that.

But once we get rid of the Akbar's the Sihks gotta go too, no non-whites allowed, they can go be 'based' squeak in their own countries.

I agree with you that voat tends to get off a little too hard when thinking of Sihks.

"The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but perhaps my Ally for a time"

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waaaaah abortion.... waaaah women aren't treated as fucking divinity itself....

I'm not seeing anything valid here, you're just a feminigger and a theocrat.

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What the fuck??? Where am I talking about how women are treated you illiterate faggot.

Go look around at the Sikh men (not the Turban wearing ones, the "stealth" ones). Ever notice how many of them are with white women? Ever wonder why? It's because for every 1,000 male babies they have, they only have 750 female ones. The difference is because of sex-selective abortion.

They're fucking shitskins with a shitskin culture and the fact that they hate muslims doesn't redeem them very much (even a broken clock is wrong twice a day.)

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Anybody who kills children needs to die in a fire.

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I don't agree with the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" but I hear a lot more good stuff about the Sikh than muslims. Historically they are the ones who give muslims a hard time too.

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Can we not turn into /r/the_donald please? Stop promoting the "based shitskins with a maga hat".

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