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Tommy's original arrest was for contempt of court. He was fucking with people IN court. His second arrest was for "disturbing the peace" just by filming outside the court, not talking to any of the accused or anything. The second arrest was totally uncalled for and he did not "know what he was gettting himself into". He wasn't "asking for it". He specifically asked workers at the court where it would be ok for him to film, and he went there and started filming, then judge signed a warrant for him and he was arrested, tried, and jailed by end of day. That is PURE tyranny.

The powers that be are trying to Islamify the West, because their attempt to Westernize the Middle East via the reconstruction of Iraq/Afghanistan failed miserably, and they see this as the only way to prevent an eventual global war between the West and Islam. They are treating normal people in the West as science experiment as usual. All pro-EU pro-immigration governments in the EU and West in general must be executed for treason. They've really lost the plot.


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He actually did talk to the accused as they walked in. He asked them how they felt as child rapists I think. I still don't think he should be arrested.