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I like how it jump cuts right to the "I'm a victim" angle without showing the lead up.


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What happens in between? From this video, the only thing we can gather is that the dude didn't like the tranny's words, so this happened. If that's the case, I hope this guy ends up in jail. If the tranny started shit, why don't we see that?


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100% the crazy self-mutilating crossdresser did something to deserve that. Why are you giving someone who is obviously mentally ill, and provoking, the benefit of the doubt?


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Because the video does not show the tranny doing anything to deserve getting stomped at all, let alone the brutal way this was done, so I think it's imperative to ask questions.

I went to the internet and found an article about the situation.

Another man walked up to the group, who did not know was happening, and the homeless woman lunged at him, he said. That man pushed her to the ground and then stomped on her. According to the Vine use, the guy stepped on her shoulder, not her head. He said she was also helped up by others and was unfazed by the attack.

So, the tranny did deserve this but I gave the tranny the benefit of the doubt, in the same way, I'd give anyone the benefit of the doubt until otherwise is proven. Otherwise, you end up in a world where every man is a rapist.

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