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The bankers he is talking about are all jewish.


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Why were you downvoted? And seemingly so hard.


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Schlomo started to sweat.


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Downvoated for giving goyim bankers like Rockefeller free passes.

I don't know why you underestimate goyim very much, but I will let you know that they are also capable at counting money and becoming bankers.


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Woah. When you see it.


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Wait, then why are the central banks controlled by Jesuit Catholics?



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I stopped watching at around 4 minutes in when he said that

British Canada started the war of 1812 as a war of aggression against the United States, and that the U.S. won the war.

As far as I can tell, in the mid 20th century there was a fervor of American patriotism in the face of Soviet communism and the prospect of global nuclear annihilation. This resulted in the need to create a feeling of invincibility within the American psyche in order to stand strong and unified against such a horrific spectre - and the historic record of America's first declared war was an uncomfortable topic.

America, riding high on their victory over Britain, and the new independence they had amazingly won, had grasped on to the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, and sought to expand their territories. Pushing the Indian tribes west, they also set their sights on the north. Believing the British forces in Canada weak, they declared war (by a small margin - most of the northern states did not want it) based on rumors of British ships sizing American sailors.

General William Hull marched the army into Canada from Detroit and famously said:

“You will be emancipated from tyranny and oppression and restored to the dignified station of free men.”

..not the battlecry of a nation defending itself from invasion and conquest, but setting a core American war doctrine that would be echoed into their 21st century invasions in the Middle East.

But America was still quite fractured, and it's military underfunded and undisciplined. Facing the well organized, disciplined and well funded British Canadian Army, the American forces were pushed back - resulting in the most famous American defeat, the burning of the White House.

There were some American victories, but in the end, the peace treaty returned all the borders and territories to exactly what they were before the war.

Returning to the 20th century, you can see how this could be a destabilizing influence in the face of communism, when absolute unity was necessary for the survival of not only the USA, but of the entire world...

So a new narrative was born: The historical record of the war of 1812 had been changed by the Soviet propagandists to make America look bad!

All the losses and missteps were painted as attempts to destabilize the American spirit.

This American propaganda, while necessary at the time, has persisted and mistakenly believed to this day by patriots who don't want to believe that their beloved country could ever have made such a mistake.

Now I do not say this to defend the Jewish bankers, or even to doubt the claim that our major conflicts were banker's wars... but the inclusion of this false historical narrative in this presentation casts doubt on the whole thesis in my mind.

Instead of it resonating as a historical case against tyranny, it has the ring of desperate revisionism motivated by national pride instead of factual diligence.

As a footnote, I find it necessary on Voat to clarify that my cause here is not to defend the globalist kike overlord bankers, as some fucking faggot edgelord is inevitably going to claim when his simple mind lashes out and calls me a Jew instead of simply discussing the facts. But I don't see any evidence in the historic record that contradicts what I've said here.

Yes, the Jewish bankers and propagandists are historically involved and responsible for most of the world's misery for the last number of centuries, but I don't know about laying this one at their feet.


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Where did he say that British Canada started the wars of 1812? He stated that the war was instigated at the behest of Nathan Rothschild for its "impudence" in dissolving the first American central bank.


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