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His community in Lakewood New Jersey also recently committed more than $2 million in welfare fraud. The state setup a special prosecution to ensure they did not go to jail. These people are a criminal organization bound together by their religion.

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"These people are a criminal organization bound together by their religion"

It's funny how the same could be said about mulsims and islam, as if having a bunch of over powered kikes running around unchecked wasn't enough

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Remove all Semites and Semetic religion followers.

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Oy! Why would anybody want to know about all this years after it happened?? This is anti-semitism!! All you wicked vile goyim can do is make posts like this to make us law-abiding jews look like a gang of criminals. Oy!

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But don't forget the Holocaust!!!

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It terrifies me because I just heard their new Kars for Kids ad and they now accept any donation including items, metals, and land.

Kars for Kids advertises a multiracial plethora of kids they support but it actually ONLY goes to jewish kids camps

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Think Chicago - think a healthy and steady supply of young organs - wheeled into hospitals every night, with a bonus supply on the weekend.

Think why they haven't ended the gang wars? One dead ghetto nigger can be worth $1 million plus in the black market for organs.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry. It's a job creator.

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nog parts are not very compatible with humans

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jokes aside, are black organs usable in whites ?

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Just use the one part you need and burn the rest of the goyim.

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Not sure about the job creation part, but there's definitely a massive opportunity to make a substantial profit out of this situation regarding organ harvesting, that's for sure

Surprised there are no shooting courses offered to gang members "aim for the head and the head only, it's very important, don't spoil the meat"

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The fact that this isn't in the public consciousness but two christians refusing to bake a cake for a duo of faggots is, is an embarrassment and a very serious, serious problem.

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I think it's in line with their philosophy: grab and destroy everything from the "goyim".

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Solomon (Schlomo) Dwek committed a $50 million bank fraud and then as an FBI Informant participated in human organ trafficking and political bribery for the Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish community. He was sentenced to only 6 years in prison and was then released after 30 months. If you robbed multiple banks for $50 million, how much time in prison would you get?

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Fraud is not the same as robbery.

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Ive always thought that karsforkids was a front for something bigger.

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Pacifica radio (90.7 KPFK in Los Angeles) is a non-corporate listenener supported PROGRESSIVE (radical left) radio station that is calling out Israel for Palestinian genocide. They are airing long segments of talking a bunch of shit about Jews and how the holocaust should not be used as justification for Israel war crimes. Dont you niggerfaggots see that this can be common ground for national socialists alt-righters and radical left progressives? Both sides ackowledge the Jewish problem.. you won't hear this from any other popular media outlets. Go on the website and give it a listen... fuck Jews and Fuck Trump (unless he is playing 64d chess, which is doubtful) for supporting Jews and giving them billions of American tax dollars.

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the radical left only acknowledge the jq in their lower ranks (brainwashed young people) no high ranking radical leftist (professors, etc) would question the jew, and since no one listens to radical leftists kids, there is no threat from that side. and same with the right, no one on the far right is doing enough to spread info about the jq, imagine if everyone on the right infiltrated gov jobs instead of muh based trade job a.k.a an army of mr.little

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Problem we have with the far left is their diversity pet worship, like, immigration to infinity, most are for it and fail or at least pretend to fail to see the obvious problem that comes with it

Best case scenario they'll acknowledge that this is indeed a problem if you demonstrate that it is indeed a tool used by the "great capital" to put pressure on job markets and lower general expectations when it comes to salaries and work conditions for instance, by putting local workers in competition to third world standards/workers, and no this isn't just about so called "blue collar" jobs, the IT industry is hit pretty hard and disney's employees got a front row seat when it comes to it a couple of decades ago

But they won't acknowledge the deep rooted overall ethnic issue, they see things through the class warfare optic, for them a worker is a worker regardless of origins, death of the people by ethnic debasement isn't something they focus on while they do see that it's exactly what happened to native americans and south americans, yet, they fail to make the parallel with whites because... "blah"

"Oh but we did it violently, migrants aren't violent..."

Something dumb like that will serve as ultimate excuse to bury the topic under the rug

I could put up with all their lunacies, but this one

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what's with kikes and organ trafficking and could this be a kike pretending to be religious so he could get protection from other ultra religious kikes?

idk what with jews and especially trafficking i get depressed when i find out such evil exist in the world.

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